The Top 10 MBA Programs in Arizona

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Selecting the right MBA program in Arizona is a pivotal decision in any business graduate’s career. As I navigated through the many options, I prioritized a curriculum that aligned with my own career goals and a dynamic learning environment. Your own unique goals and needs are essential elements in choosing the right MBA program in the “Grand Canyon State”!

Arizona is the Home of Many Thriving Industries

There has been significant growth across various industries in Arizona, a state known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. When one hears the name of the state, it’s easy to remember it for its popular attractions, namely the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and the red rocks of Sedona. Diverse economies in the state have fostered innovation and entrepreneurship. 

However, in recent years, it’s important to understand how the state’s economy is looking to assess whether enrolling in a graduate degree program in Arizona would be a feasible idea. In 2023, several key industries have flourished in Arizona’s booming economy. Some experts predict that in 2024, while the boom in the economy might be slow in progress, it is still not deemed as weak and negative. The state will continue to expand in the fields of technology and innovation, tourism, aerospace and defense, and healthcare.

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Arizona is a desirable option for those looking to complete a Master of Business Administration program because of its thriving and varied economy. The thriving industries inside the state provide a multitude of prospects for MBA graduates to utilize their expertise and understanding across several fields.

For instance, numerous multinational corporations may be found in Arizona’s thriving Aerospace and Defense sector, which offers MBA graduates chances to work on challenging projects and take on strategic leadership positions. Similarly, the booming field of technology and innovation provides MBA holders with a perfect platform to mentor nascent ventures toward profitability or point established tech companies in the direction of new markets.

The Top 10 MBA Programs in Arizona

If you’re considering studying for an MBA in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place. It’s essential to rely on a list of the top MBA programs being offered in the state. Let’s kick your MBA search off with Arizona State University!

W.P. Carey School of Business  – ASU (Arizona State University)

W.P. Carey School of Business  - ASU (Arizona State University)

Arizona State University doesn’t back down in innovating courses and programs in order to become a complete knowledge enterprise committed to meaningfully impacting society, pursuing greatness, and providing wide access to high-quality education. For many years, the university has devoted all of its efforts, imagination, and resources to the development of curriculums and programs that are dedicated to creating brilliant leaders. 

You will go through a life-changing academic adventure at Arizona State University that will influence your future. You can expect to meet peers and professors who can influence your skill acquisition and your point of view in academics and life. Furthermore, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills required in the twenty-first-century work settings in any company today. 

Through an interdisciplinary approach to education, Arizona State University comes with 400 undergraduate degree offerings and more than 450 graduate degrees under the direction of knowledgeable teachers, making them master learners who can learn anything. One of their strongest graduate degrees is a Master’s in Business Administration. 

W.P. Carey School of Business offers tracks in MBA such as:

The W. P. Carey School of Business is Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited.

ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business alone already comprises 20,000 students who are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate business programs. The late W. P. Carey is honored by the W. P. Carey School of Business. Polk Carey is a creative real estate businessman, patron of ASU, and a giving philanthropist. It was in 2003 when he gifted the school with a $50 million donation from his charitable and educational organization. It was found that this donation was the second-largest amount at that time. Behind this act, Mr. Carey has always believed that quality education is the key to future economic growth and that ASU will continue to produce business leaders for societies worldwide. 

ASU renamed the business school in his honor as a token of appreciation for his donation. From hundreds of exceptional students who come to study at the university every year from all over the world, to their renowned faculty members who represent six continents, the W. P. Carey School promotes diversity and global awareness.

Inside the biggest public institution in America, the goal of W.P. Carey School is to create a close-knit community. With small class sizes, team-based learning, and continuous one-on-one support, your experience at Carey will be unique.

Eller College of Management – The University of Arizona

Eller College of Management - The University of Arizona

The next on the list of the top MBA programs you can find in Arizona is from the University of Arizona. This renowned university offers extraordinary opportunities to do extraordinary things with extraordinary people.

The school was founded in 1885, but after 27 years, Arizona became a state. Old Main, the original structure, was finished in 1890. The School of Agriculture utilized it as a home for its classrooms, labs, and mess hall. 

Opening the university was not without obstacles. But the founders persevered and conquered these challenges. They’ve had a long journey, and their past students gained valuable experiences throughout. It was in 186w that The Morrill land-grant Act was provided, and in 1890, they became a land-grant university. Some of their achievements include inventing tree-ring research, and in 1937, they opened the first laboratory for dendrochronology. 

Finally, in the present time, in Spring 2022, they have launched the Student Success District, which will restore iconic campus buildings and offer cutting-edge technologies and services for improved student living, learning, and working.

The Eller College of Management offers several MBA tracks like the following:

The AACSB has accredited the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.

The Eller College of Management provides professional, evening, full-time, online, and executive MBA programs, so you may find the ideal one to launch your career. Students can select the program format that works best for their requirements and availability. You’ll have a great return on your investment as you acquire the expertise, contacts, experience, and leadership abilities. In fact, 86% of their graduates from the MBA programs would already be employed within 90 days of graduation. 

The Eller College has provided tens of thousands of students with the ideal balance of opportunity, community, and challenge. All of the members of the Eller College of Management, such as their students, staff, professors, and researchers, are committed to a long-standing culture of excellence. Their contribution is essential to the school’s continuing advancement, for which they have received national recognition. Furthermore, they want to break boundaries and outperform accepted norms.

The name—Eller College of Management was taken after the famous Karl Eller, who was an alumnus and an entrepreneur based in Arizona. Chicago, Illinois, was his birthplace, and Tucson, Arizona, was his hometown.

One of the first institutes of its kind in the US, the Chris and Carol McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship, was established by Karl, who was a pioneer in the idea that education could foster entrepreneurs. In 1998, the Arizona School of Business was renamed the Eller College of Management to honor his significant contributions to the institution, the college, and the students. 

Colangelo College of Business – Grand Canyon University

Colangelo College of Business - Grand Canyon University

Dedicated to serving Christ, Grand Canyon University is a forward-thinking, flexible university. The institution strives to empower free and moral action, foster a caring Christian community, and serve others in ways that advance human flourishing and serving others. GCU is expanding quickly and intends to do so in the future. They have made billion-dollar investments in the institution since 2009 to raise the caliber of academic programs and student experiences. Numerous academics and business executives have chosen to pursue their education at their Phoenix location, and for good reason. 

The college experience at GCU is designed to meet all your needs. In fact, they have several learning formats, such as in-person, online, and evening. All GCU students receive academic support, gain access to learning resources, and participate in GCU events. Everybody is welcomed and is treated as a member of the family here. 

GCU offers 330 programs that will help you achieve your goals and possibly grow in your field. They are committed to providing students with dynamic academic courses that are needed in diverse industries. One of their strongest degrees is the MBA. 

The Colangelo College of Business offers several Online MBA tracks, such as:

The Colangelo College of Business at the University of Arizona is AACS-recognized.

Degree programs offered by the Colangelo College of Business are designed to meet the demands of modern corporate settings. They foster the spirit of a startup, advancing your business ideas on an influential stage that offers chances for your success. They also adhere to a student-centric culture that prioritizes academic achievement, conscious capitalism, and a greater purpose. They focus on Christian values but, at the same time, focus on producing future business leaders. 

GCU is a cutting-edge institution that values education in the twenty-first century. Participate in small group conversations in an inclusive online classroom while completing your MBA degree courses at your own pace. The Colangelo College of Business at GCU offers you a unique perspective on business. Future leaders seeking networking opportunities may find their way into a Master of Business Administration program. 

College of Business and Information Technology – University of Phoenix

College of Business and Information Technology - University of Phoenix

John Sperling is an economist from Cambridge, and he was responsible for discovering the University of Phoenix in 1976 in response to the evolving demands of the workplace. His pledge included giving people the higher education necessary to meet those requirements, and over the past 40 years, the institution has kept this mission alive. 

Their objective has not changed through the years, and this is to assist individuals in improving their lives via education. They will continue to collaborate in order to realize Dr. Sperling’s vision, enhance students’ lives, and fortify communities. The University of Phoenix also takes great pride in providing students with a high-quality education, continual support, and various tools to help them succeed.

A part of the plan since the founding of the University of Phoenix was to provide access to higher education, particularly for working adults taking on full-time personal and career responsibilities. They are quite aware of adult learners’ needs and have matched curriculums and programs that are fit for these types of learners. Having said that, even their MBA can be taken online, perfect for working professionals. 

Their programs, typically tailored to meet the requirements of adult learners, are mixed with academic theory, lifelong learning, and professional practice. It was created by faculty members who are also practitioners in their fields. 

The College of Business and Information Technology at the University of Phoenix offers the following tracks:

The College of Business and Information Technology at the University of Phoenix is an AACSB-accredited institution.

With an online master’s in business program, you may acquire skills that can benefit you in your present career or help you prepare for a new one. With responsibilities in business administration, management, and health, you may acquire advanced ideas in business and leadership that you can use in several industries. With acceptable transfer credits, you can be admitted to the competency-based master’s program in business, which enables you to graduate more quickly and affordably.

By enrolling in an MBA at the University of Phoenix, you can develop critical thinking and efficient management skills. You have the option of enrolling in multiple 16-week courses concurrently with a competency-based MBA program, or you may pick the standard MBA program, which lets you study one course at a time. 

School of Business – Prescott College

School of Business - Prescott College

At Prescott College, you’ll find a community of changemakers working together to change the world for the better and to sustain the environment. Prescott College was established on the simple tenet that a bright future for everyone depends on taking care of the environment and each other. Everyone who’s part of the college has been creating a dedicated community of changemakers for almost 60 years, ready to take on the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

They want to upend the current quo, come up with novel answers to today’s issues, and have a lasting influence on environmental sustainability and social justice. Northern Arizona comes with flush surroundings, serving as mere reminders for the school to uphold its mission. By combining planning, creativity, and real-world interactions, they strive to change the world simultaneously.

The College of Business at Prescott College offers the following tracks:

Prescott College is Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association.-approved.

The College of Business at Prescott College attracts learners who want to contribute to making a better society. If you want to encourage companies to pursue sustainability in order to remain competitive, you can study for an MBA and become a real asset to such businesses. You can get a deeper comprehension of the fundamental management strategies that are essential for executives in government, charity, and corporate settings. 

In business, nonprofits, government, and nonprofit organizations, the alumni of Prescott’s College of Business never fail to integrate environmental, social, and governance practices. As you study for an MBA at Prescott College, you can nurture your skills and knowledge in sustainability and management. You can acquire positive social and environmental results, no matter what industry and business you work for. 

The W.A. Franke College of Business – North Arizona University

The W.A. Franke College of Business - North Arizona University

One of the top universities in the country for ensuring that everyone can attend higher education is North Arizona University. From application to graduation and beyond, a committed network of instructors, staff, and other students will be there to support and celebrate your accomplishments. Apply to NAU for graduate study to advance your knowledge and acquire your academic and personal goals. 

You can choose from numerous master’s and doctorate choices to pick a program that will support you in achieving your objectives. As long as you hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution, you can qualify for graduate studies. No matter where you apply, whether it’s the Flagstaff campus, other campuses, or online, NAU’s admission requirements are the same.

The W. A. Franke College of Business – Northern Arizona University offers the following tracks for MBA:

The W. A. Franke College of Business – Northern Arizona University is accredited by AACSB.

The W. A. Franke College of Business is a community of the future brightest leaders in societies and industries. Their MBA programs and other business programs are all unique. You can enrich your skills to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing industry. Connections are important to big thinkers here. And you can start to build your connections and networks here. 

Over the course of ten months, you will collaborate closely with your cohort to develop the leadership and communication abilities that will advance your business career. Because the program is quick, you’ll be able to start working sooner. You’ll be polished and ready to hit the job market after you graduate from the program.

You may develop your teamwork, leadership, and communication abilities while enhancing your understanding of company operations. You will get the chance to take part in career fairs, networking events, mock interviews, and executive job shadowing as you develop your portfolio and resume. Working with a committed communications coordinator, you’ll receive thorough feedback on your writing and presenting abilities. 

College of Business – Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University

Franklin Pierce University has a great deal of commitment to providing an education that enables each student to nurture and develop their full potential. They commemorated 60 years of unwavering dedication to this objective in 2022.

With their 100% online graduate courses, you may advance your profession at your own pace. With the flexibility of part- or full-time study options and rolling start dates, you may design a plan that suits your needs.  

As an MBA student, you will work closely with our lecturers in small classrooms; they are knowledgeable in their disciplines and are aware of the special needs of adult learners. They’ll be your direct colleagues in small groups. They’ll help you thrive in the classroom and beyond by offering you both academic support and access to a professional network. 

The College of Business at Franklin Pierce University offers MBA with the following tracks:

The College of Business at Franklin Pierce University is International Accreditation Council for Business Education-recognized. 

Obtain your MBA entirely online. Or take advantage of their exclusive Business PLUS+ possibilities to get both an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in only four years. What distinguishes a Franklin Pierce business education is its flexibility and practical experience. You will have plenty of internships and business experience opportunities through the partnerships set by Franklin Pierce University. 

Keller Graduate School of Management – DeVry University

DeVry University - Keller Graduate School of Management

DeVry University is focused on revolutionizing education. Develop yourself in a welcoming environment with programs that are oriented around the technological requirements of the industries of the future. You’ll feel motivated, inspired, and challenged at DeVry.

At DeVry, they’re dedicated to empowering diverse learners to help reduce the opportunity gap in the digital industry. Underrepresented populations of students can flourish at DeVry University. This allows them to become a more diversified talent pipeline, as all kinds of learners are given access to mentorship, employment, and other opportunities. They make a determined effort to ensure that you have the tools you need to pursue your goals. 

The Keller Graduate School of Management – DeVry offers MBA tracks such as:

The DeVry University – Keller Graduate School of Management is AACSB-approved.

Serving working people and their employers was the only purpose behind the founding of Keller Graduate School of Management. And this school has been spearheaded by Dennis Keller and Ron Taylor. They rapidly demonstrated their dedication to high-quality education by becoming the first private institution to obtain regional accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission. It was acquired by Keller in 1987 and merged with Keller Graduate School of Management to become DeVry University.

School of Business Technology – Aspen University

School of Business Technology - Aspen University

The International Academy, established in the 1960s to enhance the dissemination of education, is where Aspen University got its start. In its three schools—the School of Nursing and Health Sciences, the School of Business and Technology, and the School of Education—Aspen University now provides online certifications in addition to associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees. To assist the other institutions, the School of Arts and Sciences offers general education courses. It continues to have DEAC institutional accreditation.

Aspen is committed to providing every driven student who meets the requirements for college with the chance to pursue a high-quality, reasonably cost distance learning program with the goal of obtaining long-term economic and social benefits for themselves and their family.

The School of Business Technology at Aspen University offers MBA tracks such as:

The School of Business Technology at Aspen University is Distance Education Accrediting Commission-approved.

The School of Business and Technology offers a distinctive selection of online business and technology education programs. Graduates of the program are equipped for highly technical positions in information systems and computer science, as well as leadership roles in the quickly changing global business and technological sectors.

By acquiring practical organizational skills in teamwork, conflict resolution, project management, process optimization, and technology deployment, students sharpen their competitive edge and apply contemporary business and technology management approaches to real-world organizational difficulties.

The goal of the School of Business and Technology at Aspen University is to equip graduate and undergraduate students for demanding employment in the linked global economy. Programs offer a solid academic basis in the fundamentals of technology and business, promoting lifelong learning. 

Angell Snyder School of Business – Ottawa University

Angell Snyder School of Business - Ottawa University

At Ottawa University, you can choose to study on campus or online. Adult learners can conveniently match their schedule of classes with other obligations and work. For individuals who are interested in on-campus programs, they provide flexible scheduling alternatives. Furthermore, they integrate Christian values and principles into your academic experience, making you a well-rounded person. 

For a century and a half, they’ve been focused on developing students. Essentially, what you’ve already accomplished has educational value to them. You will learn from subject experts who have real-world experience. Faculty and students at Ottawa University discuss how to apply theory in the workplace through practical applications.

The Angell Snyder School of Business at Ottawa University offers MBA tracks like the following:

The Angell Snyder School of Business at Ottawa University is a Higher Learning Commission-approved school. 

Organizations are looking for business school graduates who are highly principled, highly competent, profoundly aware, and extensively educated in an increasingly competitive environment. Recognizing the need to create leaders who are impactful, streetwise, and ready for the workforce from the start, the Angell Snyder School of Business continuously enhances its curriculum and employs cutting-edge teaching strategies to produce highly qualified graduates.  

The Angell Snyder School of Business is named after two of Ottawa University’s most influential and well-liked business professors, Drs. Wayne Angell and Sherwin Snyder. The school has a long and illustrious history of producing leaders who combine strong technical and analytical skills with a strong moral compass. Alumni of the Angell Snyder School of Business are making a name for themselves in a variety of US businesses as well as in other cities throughout the world. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Arizona a business-friendly state?

According to a new study, Arizona’s business-friendly laws and cheap taxes have drawn people and companies from throughout the country to relocate there. Arizona added 80,000 new citizens and roughly $5 million in adjusted gross income in just a single year. The National Taxpayers Union Foundation’s investigation, which examined IRS data on tax movement, served as the basis for the report. 

Due to its lower property tax rate than most other states, property taxes played a significant role in Arizona’s residential boom. By doing away with the property tax exemption maximum, changing the depreciation schedule, and quickening the lowering of commercial property assessments, new legislative measures will further lessen property tax burdens.

What are famous MBA concentrations for Arizona graduate students?

It is highly recommended that prospective students choose an Arizona online MBA program that enables them to pursue a focus. Through specializations, students may customize their degrees to fit their unique interests while developing specialized knowledge and skills that are pertinent to the most significant sectors. Candidates for degrees should think about the industries and employment that are expanding quickly in their state while selecting a specialization. Some of the most famous MBA concentrations among Arizonan graduate students are aerospace and defense, healthcare, and finance. 

Where is the best city to start a business in Arizona?

Given that Phoenix is the most populated city in Arizona, it could seem like the natural choice for your business. Although Phoenix is a fantastic area to launch your company, Arizona offers many other excellent choices, like Tucson, Mesa, and Scottsdale. These cities are great locations for business starters. However, much like opening a business elsewhere, it’s crucial to prepare for everything before you launch and settle down your business in Arizona.

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