The 20 Best Online MBA in Human Resources Schools

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Human resources, also known as human capital or employees, are the greatest assets of organizations! But it’s also undoubtedly the most problematic asset because – let’s face it – people are people, not robots that can be programmed to follow orders. Indeed, skilled leadership is a must in tapping their fullest potential – and this is where earning the best online MBA in Human Resources degree from reputable business schools comes in. 

The close connection between business and human resources can be fostered by being the best human resources manager you can be. As a human resources professional, an online MBA in Human Resources Management degree is a powerful tool for identifying, implementing and evaluating the best practices in the recruitment, training and development, and retention of productive employees. The MBA degree with a human resources specialization will not only address your career advancement ambitions but also demonstrate your commitment to the profession. 

More importantly, you will be in the best position to address the wide range of human resources management issues that organizations face. Unfilled jobs, low morale, high turnover, job-and-employee mismatch, and below-par productivity are among the issues for which effective and efficient solutions can be found with increased knowledge of human resources management.

At A Glance

Business schools that offer the best online MBA in Human Resources programs have both regional accreditation for their colleges and universities as well as programmatic accreditation. Both types of accreditation are demonstrations of the excellent quality of instruction, among other aspects, delivered by the online programs. 

The human resources management specialization attracts a wide range of students, from current human resources managers to aspiring human resources leaders as well as entrepreneurs and business owners. Such diversity in the student body contributes to the dynamic learning environment that characterizes the best MBA with a human resources specialization online degree program. 

Admission is; however, selective and retention in the MBA programs is challenging, to say the least, with an intensive and comprehensive curriculum, credentialed faculty members, and rigorous capstone or thesis requirements. But the numerous rewards, from gaining advanced knowledge and skills to opening more career advancement opportunities, make the journey worthwhile.  

Best Online MBA in Human Resources Schools

The best online MBA in Human Resources programs featured here are all Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business or AACSB International-approved, widely considered as the gold standard of business and accounting programs in business schools.

But we must also emphasize that interested individuals must also look into online MBA programs with programmatic accreditation from these accrediting bodies:

  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • International Accreditation Council for Business Education (formerly International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education)

University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado - Monfort College of Business

Online MBA in Human Resources Management Program

Offered at the Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business, the MBA program with a specialization in human resources prepares students for innovative leadership in diverse organizations. Graduates have their choice of career advancement opportunities in general business management or in human resources management. Such versatility with the MBA in Human Resources Management degree is possible because of the equal emphasis on hard and soft skills through didactic coursework and hands-on learning experiences. 

The online human resources MBA program can be completed in 12 months of accelerated coursework. Students complete 36 credits, the equivalent of 12 courses, and learn about the best human resources management practices, including compensation and performance systems, talent recruitment and retention, and organizational change. 

Students enrolled in the MBA program with human resources management concentration establish a strong business administration knowledge through core courses. Strategic management, as well as advanced supply chain, financial and marketing management, are in the core coursework, while the human resources coursework is in talent management, compensation, rewards and performance management, and managing organizational change. 

Admission requirements include an undergraduate degree for all applicants. Work experience can be waived with a 3.0 GPA, and a GMAT waiver is also available. 

Montclair State University

Montclair State University Feliciano School of Business

Online MBA in Human Resources Management  Program

The respected Feliciano School of Business offers the MBA in Human Resources Management online program for ambitious individuals who want to enjoy excellent career advancement opportunities. With its policy of admitting both business and non-business professionals, the accredited online MBA program’s diverse student body includes HR professionals like HR managers, career changers, and entrepreneurs. 

Students in the online human resources MBA program can start either at the start of the fall, spring, or summer semesters or during the half-term. Every semester has two eight-week terms, with the time-to-completion being two years for students who can complete three credits every term. 

The 39-credit curriculum features 30-credit coursework on business administration concepts that build the students’ technical skills in this area. The courses include applied business statistics, accounting, and operations and supply chain management. As a human resources program, the concentration courses include strategic human resource management, talent management, and human resource analytics. 

Montclair uses Canvas as its LMS for its online programs, and it allows students to engage in both synchronous and asynchronous activities. Students benefit from the exceptional guidance of student success coaches. Graduates are skilled in various human resources management duties, from designing compensation and performance systems to encouraging positive employee relations. 

Oregon State University

Oregon State University

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

Offered by the College of Business, the MBA in Human Resource Management program equips current professionals with the knowledge and skills for the challenges ahead. With their skill sets, graduates of the accredited online MBA become human resources management leaders able to lead their organizations in difficult times. Strategic thinkers whose skills are in human resources and business analytics, many graduates have also become C-suite executives! 

Students in the MBA program with a human resource management concentration complete 45-60 credits, depending on their academic background. The business administration core courses are among the most comprehensive we’ve seen, with topics in business law, operations and supply chain management, and advanced strategic management, among others. The online human resources concentration courses are just as comprehensive – data analytics, compensation management, negotiations, and employee recruitment and selection. 

The nine-month accelerated program is suitable for ambitious individuals, but the MBA program also allows part-time enrollment. All students, however, benefit from the flexibility and academic quality of the 100% online program from the largest university in Oregon. 

Louisiana State University Shreveport

Louisiana State University - Shreveport

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

With the outstanding reputation of the E. J. Ourso College of Business, students enrolled in the MBA in Human Resource Management program have the assurance of world-class academic quality. Students are empowered with modern tools and technologies in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of effective and efficient human resources management systems in their organizations. Graduates are known for their skills as business managers, human resources managers, and management consultants. 

The online human resources MBA program has a 30-credit curriculum that can be completed in 10 months of accelerated coursework. The flexibility of scheduling makes it perfect for working professionals to complete the human resources program while maintaining full-time employment. Students complete the 21-credit business administration core courses – or seven courses – before choosing either the human resource management concentration (three concentration courses) or specialization (two specialization courses and an elective). 

Financial management, organizational behavior, and marketing strategy are among the core courses. The online MBA in Human Resource Management offers concentration/specialization courses in strategic management of human capital, labor and employment law, and leadership communication. Optional foundation courses may be required for students with non-business degrees. 

LSU, a public land-grant research university, has earned the nod of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to grant undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

Pittsburg State University

Pittsburg State University

Online MBA in Human Resources Program

The well-known Kelce College of Business offers its MBA in Human Resources program for current and aspiring human resources management professionals. The program’s 30-credit curriculum can be completed in 12 months of accelerated study, but students can also choose to take a longer time. All students, however, are expected to comply with the rigorous academic requirements to earn an MBA degree.  

This is a 100% MBA program with a human resources specialization, meaning there are no in-person requirements. As much as admission is selective, so is retention – students must earn an A or B grade in their first two online courses to be allowed to continue. Such a rigorous aspect means students are well-equipped for the challenges of business and human resources management leadership ahead. 

The online MBA in Human Resources program has robust business administration core coursework that covers strategic management, marketing and financial strategy, and quantitative business analysis. The human resources program features three concentration courses, namely, human resources development foundations and applications, personnel development in business and industry, and organizational development and change. With such comprehensive coursework, students are well-advised to spend 15-20 hours per week on their studies. 

The admission requirements into the online human resources MBA program include an undergraduate degree with at least a 2.7 GPA. 

William Paterson University

William Paterson University - Cotsakos College of Business

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

The MBA in Human Resource Management is offered at the Christos M. Cotsakos College of Business, where students develop their advanced business and human resources knowledge and skills. Furthermore, their critical thinking and problem-solving skills contribute to their value as leaders in their organizations, whether as human resources managers or business consultants. 

The online MBA in HRM has an accelerated 12-month completion period for its 30-credit curriculum. The program of study is divided into 15-credit core coursework and 15-credit concentration courses. Students with less than a “B” grade in their foundation courses, such as financial accounting and economic analysis, may be required to take up more courses. 

The MBA program’s core business administration courses cover financial and economic strategy, business analytics and innovation, strategy, and corporate sustainability. Students must complete an integrated learning capstone experience course, too, before moving forward with the human resources planning and other concentration courses. Employment and labor law, crisis management, and ethical leadership are discussed extensively. 

Students can customize the capstone requirement according to their professional interests, too. Examples include producing a master’s thesis, creating a start-up business proposal, or investigating a workplace issue. Students must also create a personal strategic plan. 

University of West Florida

University of West Florida

Online MBA in Human Resources Management Program

Students pursuing the MBA in Human Resources Management degree at the College of Business develop the expert knowledge and skills that make them sought-after professionals in business and other industries. Students learn to optimize the interrelationships between people and business organizations, as well as maximize their leadership skills in human resources management in every situation. 

Graduates assert that the time spent in their studies made them better communicators, critical and analytical thinkers, and problem solvers. Their strategic mindset has also contributed to their long-term vision for their organizations in both the business and human resources side. Their collaborative skills also enabled them to work well with diverse people and to understand that, indeed, human resource management is about people. 

Students can earn the online MBA in Human Resources Management degree in 16 months but at an accelerated pace. The 36-credit curriculum aligns with the Society for Human Resource Management guidelines. The core courses are in marketing management, business process integration, and advanced managerial economics, while the concentration courses are in performance management, recruitment and selection, and compensation and benefits. 

Admission is selective, with applicants only considered if they possess a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 or higher GPA. Applicants with a 2.75 GPA will only be considered if they have eight years minimum of relevant professional work experience. 

University of Southern Indiana

University of Southern Indiana

Online MBA in Human Resources Program

The MBA in Human Resources program is administered by the Romain College of Business, among the top AACSB-accredited business schools. Students develop expertise in human resources management, from developing compensation and performance systems to negotiation and mediation. Their skills cover both the individual and organizational aspects of human resources management, too, 

Graduates of the MBA Human Resources online program are well-qualified for leadership roles as labor relations specialists, human resources directors and consultants, and executive recruiters. The accelerated program can be completed in 11 months and features a 30-credit curriculum. 

The intensive core courses prepare students for the challenges of business ahead, and these include financial management and markets, accounting for managers, and information systems and technology. There are three concentration courses for completion that cover the legal and social environment of business, human capital management, and data-driven decision-making. 

Minimum admission requirements of the MBA in Human Resources program include an undergraduate degree with at least a 2.5 GPA.  

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Online MBA in Human Resources Program

The John Massey School of Business offers its respected MBA in Human Resources program to individuals interested in taking their human resources management careers to the next level. Graduates have benefited from career advancement opportunities as compensation and benefits manager, among others. 

The 12-month accelerated coursework is suitable for high-achieving individuals, but working professionals will also benefit from the flexible online learning delivery. For interested individuals to earn the MBA in Human Resources degree, they must complete the academic requirements for 36 credit hours. This is among the most affordable programs, too, thanks to SOSU’s public university status and generous financial aid options. 

The online MBA program has comprehensive coursework that starts with core courses like business research methods, behavioral management, and data analysis. Financial, behavioral, and strategic management courses further develop the student’s skills in these areas. The concentration courses equip students with specialized skills in employment law, human resource management, compensation, and training and development. 

While there’s no GMAT requirement, applicants will only be considered if they have a bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.5 GPA. 

University of Georgia

University of Georgia - C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry College of Business

Online MBA in Leadership/Human Resource Management Program

The well-known C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry College of Business offers an MBA in Leadership/Human Resource Management program for high-achieving professionals in diverse fields. Note that its MBA program is among the country’s best with a selective admission process – only about 35% of applicants are accepted. 

All the courses in the online MBA program are delivered via a digital LMS with features that allow working professionals to continue with their employment while pursuing a master’s degree. Academic excellence being the University of Georgia’s hallmark, students are expected to deliver exceptional academic performance, too. 

Students can earn the MBA with a Leadership/Human Resource Management degree in 17-23 months of part-time matriculation. The typical weekly commitment is 20 hours, and the 16 courses equal 48 credit hours. There are eight learning modules that cover the 16 courses, and each module lasts for 12 weeks. Among the courses are in organizational behavior and leadership, human resource management, and change management. 

Students may also choose to participate in an optional in-person residency with a choice between domestic or international sites. Both the four-day domestic residency and eight-day international residency expand the students’ depth and breadth of experience. 

University of Illinois Chicago

University of Illinois Chicago - Liautaud Graduate School of Business

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

The UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business has a renowned MBA in Human Resource Management program for high-achieving professionals who want to make their mark in the profession. With its human resource management emphasis, students in the program learn the specialized knowledge and skills that set them on the path toward success in business and human resources management. Being an influence and exerting an influential voice in their organizations’ growth are encouraged, too. 

The intensive curriculum is in accordance with the human resource management guidelines set by SHRM. Students are then qualified to sit for the cSHRM Certified Professional certification exam after earning the MBA in Human Resource Management degree. Many graduates also become employee relations and labor relations managers, among other leadership positions. 

The online MBA in Human Resource Management takes 14 months of full-time, accelerated study. Students must complete 42 credit hours of core, concentration, and elective courses to earn the degree. 

Organizational behavior, financial accounting, operations management, and corporate finance are among the core courses. The concentration courses cover human resource management, compensation administration, and talent management. The electives broaden the student’s knowledge in areas like investments, data warehousing and decision support, and negotiations. 

The University of Illinois Chicago has selective admissions criteria that apply to its MBA programs. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA to be considered. 

Clayton State University

Clayton State University - College of Business

Online MBA in Human Resource Leadership Program

Offered at Clayton’s College of Business, the MBA in Human Resource Leadership program trains working professionals in the principles and practices of effective leadership in business and human resources management. Students engage in dynamic lectures and discussions in employee training, performance management, career development, and more. There’s an emphasis on engagement, creativity, and innovation as leaders. 

Students are also encouraged to go beyond the day-to-day aspects of human resources management. Instead, there’s a strong focus on strategic leadership with a long-term vision that leads organizations beyond their current performance. 

The human resources MBA degree can be earned in 12-18 months, depending on the course load per semester. There are three semesters – the fall and spring semesters with two 8-week terms and the summer term with one 8-week term. The concentration courses in human resources leadership are talent development and human resource consulting; students can take either the Global Human Resources course or participate in an international immersion opportunity. There are several core courses for completion, too, such as accounting, change and innovation management, and marketing strategy. 

This is an affordable MBA program with generous financial aid options. Admission is on a competitive basis, with applicants required to submit an essay of purpose and three professional references, among others. 

University of Illinois Springfield

University of Illinois Springfield

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

The UIS College of Business and Management welcomes working professionals to its top-notch MBA in Human Resource Management program. Students become skilled professionals with the ability to tackle the myriad of employment issues at the organizational and international levels. Their skill sets cover employee job satisfaction, recruitment and selection, and labor relations. Their studies are facilitated by the same experienced faculty members who teach the on-campus MBA program. 

The online MBA in Human Resources Management degree can be earned in as little as 12 months, but students must be fully committed to it. The extensive 30-credit curriculum consists of 10 courses in business administration – management accounting, productions, operations management, and information technology management are included. The human resources concentration courses cover advanced human resources management, talent acquisition and development, and performance management. 

While applicants with non-business degrees are accepted into the MBA program, they will be required to complete gateway or foundation courses. The titles are Foundations of Business Decision Making and Business Perspectives. 

With such a well-rounded education, graduates possess key insights into both business administration and human resources management practices in the 21st century. Strategic decision-making, critical thinking, and other leadership skills are among their most substantial assets. 

University of North Texas

University of North Texas - G. Brint Ryan College of Business

Online MBA – Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management Program

The renowned G. Brint Ryan College of Business at UNT welcomes ambitious individuals with career advancement plans into its MBA in Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management program. Once accepted into the online MBA program, students have the option of part-time and full-time enrollment, meaning their time-to-completion will vary between two years and 14 months, respectively. Full-time students can take up to 12 credits every semester for the 14-month time-to-degree.  

There are 12 classes in total in the 36-credit curriculum, with 100% online courses conducted asynchronously. Each course consists of 82-week sessions. 

The 24-credit core courses cover topics in management accounting, financial and marketing management, and leveraging information technology for business, among others. The course on Administrative Strategy must be taken in the last semester. The concentration courses are in organizational design and change management, compensation and motivation, and other aspects of human resources management. 

Elective courses expand the students’ knowledge of their chosen field, which can be in entrepreneurship and venture management, strategic management, or international management. Students may be required to complete background coursework in business law, macroeconomics and microeconomics, and financial accounting. 

University of North Carolina Wilmington

University of North Carolina Wilmington - Cameron School of Business

Online MBA in Human Resources Program

UNCW’s Cameron School of Business is known for the world-class quality of instruction and learning outcomes of its MBA in Human Resources program. Students become empowered with strategic thinking skills vital to their success as business and human resources leaders in their organizations. Graduates are known for their career mobility, meaning they aren’t afraid of changing employment and careers, thanks to their confidence in their impressive skill sets. 

The MBA Human Resources program has an accelerated program of study that can be completed in 12 months, but only with full-time matriculation and satisfactory academic performance. Students complete the 36-credit curriculum featuring 12 courses in business administration and human resources management. 

Business law, accounting, business analytics, and operations and marketing management are among the core courses. The human resources concentration courses are in international human resources management, total rewards, and human capital selection and staffing. 

The well-rounded program of study enables students to develop their awareness of the wide range of issues in human resources management, from negotiation and mediation to racial discrimination and affirmative action. Their exceptional business education is facilitated by credentialed faculty members who also teach on-campus classes. 

University of Toledo

University of Toledo - John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation offers among the best MBA in Human Resource Management programs in the United States. The typical students are motivated individuals with career advancement goals in mind, whether as aspiring HR managers or current HR leaders intent on making their mark in the industry. Regardless of their ambitions, students learn the best practices in recruitment and selection, retention and job satisfaction, and motivation of employees in diverse organizations. 

This online MBA in HRM is designed with the philosophy that for HR leaders to become influential, they must also possess good business acumen. The interconnectedness between business organizations and their people – or employees, managers, and executives – is emphasized throughout the program. Students prepare for leadership positions in both the public and private sectors, as well as on the domestic and international fronts. 

Graduates of the MBA in Human Resource Management program benefit from the prestigious reputation of UToledo’s business school, a consistent presence in many reputable MBA ranking lists. Such a sterling reputation is due to the exceptional curriculum taught by faculty members with impressive industry credentials and terminal degrees. Students also enjoy the expansive networking opportunities that come with an extensive alumni network. 

The courses cover topics in employment and labor law, performance management, talent management, and more. 

University of Scranton

University of Scranton

Online MBA in Human Resources Management Program

Offered at the Kania School of Management, the MBA in Human Resources Management program prepares students to become fluent in the strategic aspects of human resources management. Their skills include the creation and implementation of staffing programs in accordance with organizational goals, the effective management of compensation and performance systems, and the implementation of workplace development plans. Students learn effective research methods in creating human resources management plans, too. 

The human resource management program has a two-year time-to-completion for its SHRM-aligned curriculum. The emphasis is on strategic skills in human resources development and management with a global perspective. The curriculum also emphasizes using the triple bottom line approach – or the combination of financial, social and environmental factors – for sustainable organizational growth. 

Admission into the selective human resources MBA program requires a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA minimum; admission isn’t guaranteed even with compliance of minimum requirements. Applicants must also submit a professional resume with at least three years of supervisory experience, three letters of reference, and a statement of intent, among others. 

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana at Lafayette - B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

Known for its top-ranked undergraduate and graduate academic programs, the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration offers its reputable MBA in Human Resource Management program. Students learn that, indeed, people are at the heart and core of the best human resources management principles and practices. 

MBA students in the human resource management program learn practical analysis of the various aspects of personnel management, from recruitment and selection to career development. Students also increase their expertise in business analytics and other aspects of business administration through core courses. International business, marketing management, information technology, and financial management are featured. 

The 33-credit curriculum also features four concentration courses – or 12 credits – in addition to the 21-credit core courses. These include data analysis, employment law, organizational behavior and leadership, and human resource management. Students may or may not be required to complete foundation courses depending on transcript evaluation and proficiency in the subjects of accounting, finance, quantitative methods, and economics. 

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and submit official transcripts, GMAT scores, a professional resume, and three letters of reference. GMAT waivers can be granted based on undergraduate GPA and work experience. 

University of Houston Clear Lake

University of Houston-Clear Lake

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

The College of Business of UHCL welcomes qualified individuals to its respected MBA in Human Resource Management and expects its students to keep up with the SHRM-aligned intensive curriculum. Students train in the art and science of talent management and, thus, learn both the hard and soft skills expected of a human resource leader. The curriculum itself emphasizes a strong foundation in staffing practices, laws affecting employment, and labor and employee relations. 

MBA students in the human resource management program can earn the degree in 14 months of accelerated study, meaning two courses every 8-week session of the fall, spring, and summer semesters. The concentration courses, however, are delivered in a 15-week format. 

The 36-credit curriculum consists of foundation requirements – a course on business principles – and core MBA requirements combined with concentration and elective courses. The extensive core courses are in accounting, management science and operations, corporate finance, and strategic management, among others. The three intensive concentration courses are in the processes of human resource management, employee planning, staffing and selection, and the legal environment of the profession. 

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University

Online MBA in Human Resource Management Program

A-State, which is consistently cited as offering a superior MBA program in the United States, is proud to offer its MBA in Human Resource Management program via the Neil Griffin College of Business. The 33-credit program can be completed in as little as 12 months in accelerated mode. There are eight core courses and three human resource management concentration courses. 

The core coursework covers project management, accounting for planning and control, managerial economics, and business analytics. The human resource management specialization courses enable students to gain career-specific skills in industrial relations, business law and ethics, and management development strategies. 

Aside from being a public university with affordable tuition in general, A-State also makes it possible for MBA students to escape the debt trap through affordable pay-by-the-course tuition. Graduates also enjoy a high return on investment after becoming respected human resources management professionals with high-paying jobs.

All About Human Resource Management

But what exactly does the term “human resource management” mean? Human resource management refers to the policies, processes, and procedures used in employment, from recruitment and selection to retention, career development, and termination. 

In the past, human resources management was limited to administrative roles, such as filling forms and processing payrolls. Over the years, however, its strategic roles have made human resource management crucial in organizational development. To paraphrase the former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, human resources management is essential in good times but is defined in difficult times. 

While every human resources manager has specific roles and responsibilities in their respective organization, their general duties include the following aspects. 


Despite the automation in organizations, people are still vital in performing most tasks. Staffing is then considered the first step in human resources management, with several steps involved. The human resources manager must develop a staffing plan and its corresponding policies and procedures for the recruitment, selection, and pay negotiation of employees. Staffing also covers training, retention and career development, and motivation that the human resources department implements. 

Workplace Policy Development 

Fairness, diversity, affirmative action, and continuity are among the matters that human resources management professionals must consider. Workplace policies also cover ethics and disciplinary processes, sick and vacation leaves, and even the dress code and Internet usage. 

Compensation and Benefits Administration 

Human resources management professionals must also ensure that the compensation and benefits programs of their organizations are fair, legal, and attractive to future employees. These include the gross salary, health benefits and retirement plans, bonuses and incentives, and sick leaves and vacation times. 

Retention, Training, and Development  

Selecting and hiring the best employees for the job is easier than retaining them! Human resources management professionals must be aware of the factors contributing to high retention or low turnover in their organizations. While compensation is a huge factor in job satisfaction, career development in the form of job skills training and team-building activities are also vital. 

Compliance with Labor and Employment Laws 

Labor laws, discrimination and affirmative action laws, healthcare laws, compensation requirements, and worker safety laws are a few examples. Human resources management professionals must keep abreast of the legal environment in which human resources work in. 

Lastly, the best human resource managers are experts at risk management, particularly in protecting their organizations against lawsuits and liabilities. Their risk management responsibilities include but aren’t limited to protecting company and employee information, preventing and addressing lawsuits, and implementing diversity, affirmative action, and Title IX policies. 

Business schools that offer MBA in Human Resources Management programs prepare their graduate students for these leadership positions and their corresponding responsibilities. The graduate students in these online MBA programs come from a wide range of backgrounds, too, including current HR managers and professionals who want to assume strategic roles, career changers, and entrepreneurs and SME business owners who wish to create or improve their human resource departments. 

Why pursue an MBA in Human Resources Management?

Because human resource management as an industry and profession is among the fastest-growing in business and financial occupations! 

Human resources managers must keep up with fast-changing technologies and the environment of their profession, from the use of social media and business analytics to an increasingly multicultural environment among organizations.

HR management professionals must also keep abreast of new training tools and technologies, work-from-home arrangements, and the ever-changing needs for their services. With digital business on the upswing, the best HR management practitioners change with the digital times, too. 

With these things in mind, students enrolled in any MBA program with a human resource management concentration tackle intensive and comprehensive coursework that tackles both business administration and human resources subjects. The core courses in business administration typically include: 

  • Organizational behavior 
  • Managerial and financial accounting 
  • Managerial economics 
  • Business analytics 
  • Marketing management 
  • Financial management 
  • International business 

Note that since these are MBA programs, there are more core courses in business administration and corresponding credit hours than specialization and elective courses in a typical curriculum. Graduate students then gain a solid foundation of advanced business administration knowledge and skills with practical, real-world applications. 

Once the business administration core coursework has been completed, students then proceed to the human resources management specialization and elective courses like: 

  • Strategic human resource management focuses on talent and employee management with short-term and long-term goals in mind. Students study job analysis, recruitment, selection, retention, and succession planning. 
  • Compensation, benefits, and rewards management that tackles the effective, efficient, and responsive formulation and implementation of an organization’s performance management system. 
  • Organizational development and change management deals with interventions and other appropriate measures in response to changes that affect an organization and its operations. 

Many business schools offering an MBA program with a human resources management concentration require their online students to complete a capstone course with a corresponding project and/or a master’s thesis. These academic requirements may or may not involve in-person, on-campus interactions and, thus, should be considered when you’re choosing from among several online programs. 

While a capstone project and a master’s thesis have similar functions in business education, these are also different in many ways. Capstone projects require students to recommend practical solutions to real-world issues in human resources management. Master’s thesis projects have a more theoretical approach, with students contributing new knowledge via a comprehensive research paper. 

Online students in human resources programs may also be required to attend in-person events, many of which are on-campus activities. Many MBA programs require online students to participate in on-campus orientations, seminars, and workshops, among other forms of residency. Many MBA programs even offer their online students optional study-abroad opportunities or immersion experiences in companies. 

Be sure to look into these in-person requirements when you’re considering an online MBA program. You should factor in the possible costs of travel, room and board, and incidental expenses on top of the tuition and fees. 

But also remember that despite the added costs, in-person events like immersion experiences and study-abroad opportunities are excellent networking and employment opportunities. Indeed, students enrolled in the best business schools report that their employment and career advancement prospects increase with in-person exposure! 

With an intensive and comprehensive program of study, graduates of MBA in Human Resources Management programs develop the knowledge and skills to: 

  • Develop, implement, and evaluate best practices in human resources management, and thus, improve on their organizations’ overall performance
  • Address the factors related to human resources that affect operations 
  • Prevent, respond, and mitigate the legal issues that relate to human resources management 
  • Encourage positive employee relations and provide resources for employees to enjoy a good work-life balance 

Online degree programs offering the human resources MBA degree differ in their time-to-completion, but a two-year completion period for full-time MBA students is common. Many MBA programs also allow students to earn their master’s degree on a part-time enrollment with time-to-degree ranging from three to five years. Fast learners and Type A individuals may want to consider accelerated human resources programs with a 12-month time-to-degree. 

Business schools with online MBA in Human Resources Management programs use a learning management system (LMS). The LMS can be developed in-house or used by other business schools with tailored features, such as Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard. 

We must emphasize that getting an online business education is neither easier nor harder than earning it in an on-campus setting. Instead, it’s a different learning experience with online students using digital technology to access their course materials, complete academic requirements, and interact with their peers and professors. The LMS is their virtual classroom and more! 

Students must familiarize themselves with their human resources MBA programs’ LMS to maximize their learning experiences. Navigating the LMS, getting organized, and getting social, as well as accessing the LMS on their personal computers and mobile devices, are recommended. 

Admission into the best online MBA with a specialization in human resources programs is selective. Prospective students must have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited institution, which can be in business administration or management, human resources, or even non-business degrees. 

Applicants may also be required to show proof of above-average academic performance and potential, leadership potential, and professional work experience. The required documents for this purpose include official transcripts, a professional resume, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and admissions essays. Many programs also require satisfactory GMAT/GRE scores, but the requirement can be optional or waived in many online programs, too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What career paths are there for graduates of MBA in Human Resources programs? 

The beauty of earning a human resources MBA degree is in its versatility! Every human resources department can benefit from the advanced knowledge and skills in human resources management that graduates of MBA in Human Resources Management programs bring to the table. Aside from the obvious human resources manager position, other titles include human resources management specialist, hiring manager, compensation and benefits manager, and labor relations manager. 

Furthermore, an online MBA in Human Resources Management degree means more competitiveness in business and financial occupations! This is an MBA degree at its core, after all, and business administration professionals are in demand in a wide range of industries, from academia to manufacturing and service industries. 

Is an online MBA in Human Resources Management degree worth it? 

Yes, it is! According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, human resources managers earned a median annual wage of $126,230 in May 2021. Human resources managers are also employed in diverse workplaces and occupations, including professional, scientific, and technical services, management of companies, and government service. Most human resources managers also work on a full-time basis, meaning better job security and benefits, and work during regular business hours in offices. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects a favorable 7% projected employment growth rate (2021-2031) for human resources managers. Such a favorable expansion is attributed to the progress of individual companies and the increasingly complex labor and employment law systems in the United States and abroad. Human resources managers may also attend networking and recruitment events, attend meetings, and visit branches as part of their duties in human resource departments. 

Their lessons learned while pursuing a human resources MBA degree will come in handy in all these instances. 

What’s next for graduates of MBA in Human Resources programs? 

HR professionals with an MBA degree in human resources management can also pursue professional certifications. These credentials will not only boost their credibility but also enable them to keep abreast of changes in the human resources management field and to network with their peers. Notable examples include the HRCI Certification PHR, SHRM Certification, and the HRCI Certification SPHR. 

Wrap Up

The best online MBA in Human Resources Management programs are the training grounds for the next generation of leaders in the field. With an equal emphasis on theoretical knowledge and practical applications of both business administration and human resources management concepts, students gradually build their expertise. 

Indeed, you’re not just earning a coveted MBA degree but also earning the respect of your peers and colleagues, which makes the journey worth your while!

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