Hire Slow Fire Fast

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Nearly 3 in 4 employers say they’ve hired the wrong person for a position

Slow To Hire, Quick To Fire

  • Once a year, Amazon fulfillment centers offer full-time employees up to $5,000 to quit
    • One caveat: Those who quit can never work at Amazon again
    • “We want people working at Amazon who want to be here” – Melanie Etches, Amazon spokesperson
  •  In December 2021, fired 900 employees on a zoom call
    •  The move was called harsh by many on social media
    • “Today, we acknowledge that we overhired and hired the wrong people, and in doing that, we failed.” – Vishal Garg, CEO of

What Does Hire Slow, Fire Fast Really Mean?

  • Hire Slow
    • Don’t just replace the last person that left. Give yourself time and try to:
      • Carefully consider you needs and expectations
      • Draft a new job description based on business goals
      • Describe the skills and attributes needed for long-term success
      • Consider how well candidates will compliment team dynamics 
  • Fire Fast
    • Firing doesn’t have to be extreme. Sometimes you just hire the wrong person
    • Try to:
      • Do forgive mistakes, but don’t keep an employee who’s a bad fit
      • Think of firing as hiring mistake and confront it head-on
      • Focus on the long-term benefits, not immediate needs
      • Approach employees with compassion and aid their transition
  • Hire Slow, Fire Fast Doesn’t Mean
    • Hiring the right person when you find them
      • Take time to consider, don’t just hire them because they were early to apply
    • Expecting the perfect hire to drop into your lap
      • Most employees that fit your criteria can be trained to be excellent in their role
    • Firing employees on a whim
      • Fire fast is not a replacement training, coaching, or changing roles to better suit a good employee
    • Having overly exacting expectations 
      • Selective hiring is a luxury, you still need to build a company where people want to work

Hiring And Firing At The Right Speed:

  • Why It Works
    • Maintains positivity and corporate culture
      • Build teams that naturally work well together
      • Find employees who happily meet your requirements
    • Ensure company success
      • Minimize bureaucracy and bloat
      • Keeps company agile
    • Better long-term success for all
      • If an employee is a bad fit, they won’t be happy staying
      • Don’t make the team suffer for 1 employee

In November 2021, 4.5 million people voluntarily left their jobs

Hiring slowly is more important than ever