The 20 Best Online MBA in Marketing Schools

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Professionals who earned the best online MBA in Marketing degrees are sought-after by the public and private sectors because of their unique skill sets! The MBA degree is in itself proof that its holder possesses a broad knowledge of the advanced concepts of business administration, such as accounting, operations management, supply chain management, and human resource management.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing is a specialized degree program created to help business professionals develop skills needed to be successful in the ever-changing marketing industry. The program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of different marketing concepts, from developing promotional campaigns and positioning a product or service to market segmentation, pricing, and customer relations.

Professionals with said graduate degrees with a marketing specialization are well-positioned for leadership roles in the marketing field. Also, graduates of MBA in Marketing degree programs are prepared for a variety of roles in the marketing field, from market analyst and product manager to Chief Marketing Officer.

Indeed, online marketing MBA programs emphasize the versatility of the MBA degree! The multidisciplinary approach that online MBA in Marketing programs take results in a well-rounded education that enables students to create their unique career paths. 

At A Glance

The best MBA marketing online programs provide learners with a quality education that adequately prepares them for leadership positions in the business, finance and marketing industry. The journey of online students in these online MBAs starts with hurdling the selective admissions criteria, continues with the rigorous coursework and capstone project, and ends with their graduation. 

Aspiring and current marketing professionals must be careful about enrolling only in the accredited online MBA program of their choice. Accreditation is crucial not just for financial aid but also for the quality of education and credibility of their graduate degree. 

Best Online MBA in Marketing Schools

The featured MBA marketing online programs are accredited by one of three accrediting agencies for business schools:

  • AACSB-Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
  • ACBSP-Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
  • IACBE-International Accreditation Council for Business Education

The AACSB International or Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is widely considered the best accreditation and, thus, the best assurance of quality business education.  

University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School 

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill - Kenan Flagler Business School

Online MBA in Marketing Program 

The Kenan-Flagler Business School is known for offering among the best online MBA programs and for its concentrations. The MBA in Marketing program, which is it’s among the 190 business schools accredited by the AACSB International, features experienced faculty members. The online learning environment encourages dynamic interactions between students and professors, an exchange of ideas that enriches their common experiences.

Students develop the professional skills necessary for effective marketing leadership in their current and future workplaces. Their skill sets include identifying consumer behavior, leveraging the latest in marketing-related tools and technologies, and analyzing marketing analytics toward the development of competitive marketing campaigns. 

In addition to the business administration core courses, students tackle marketing courses that develop their industry-specific skills. These include data analytics, global brand strategy, and services marketing as well as the fundamentals of marketing analysis and development. 

The time-to-completion in the online MBA in Marketing program ranges from 18 to 36 months depending on enrollment type. Applicants can choose from four start dates every year and are evaluated based on their business administration background and work experience. 

Syracuse University

Syracuse University

Online MBA in Marketing Management Program

The Martin J. Whitman School of Management  offers an excellent Master of Business Administration program with several concentrations. Of these specializations, the MBA in Marketing Management concentration is among its most popular because of its affordability, flexibility of schedules, and quality of instruction. Students benefit from the anytime, anywhere nature of its online learning environment including live online classes. 

Students learn advanced concepts in contemporary marketing, such as creating new products and competitive marketing strategies, building long-term customer relationships, and creating the best value for customers. Such an objective in the online MBA in Marketing program is achieved through a combination of core business administration courses and marketing courses. The 36-credit curriculum features marketing management-related courses including market research, marketing analytics, managing new product development, and strategic brand management. 

The 24-month time-to-degree enables students to maximize their learning opportunities while meeting their personal and professional obligations. Students must complete three in-person residences with a business conference-like structure that provide them with hands-on learning and networking opportunities. Syracuse also provides students with excellent career services including career coaching that contribute to their success. 

Louisiana State University

Louisiana State University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

LSU is known for academic excellence and experiential learning opportunities in its Master of Business Administration program, too. No wonder then that it has the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International) accreditation! 

The MBA in Marketing concentration program makes it to the list for its well-rounded curriculum and supportive faculty members. This is among the most affordable online MBA programs, too. The online MBA in Marketing program features a 30-credit curriculum and an accelerated 10-month time-to-degree. 

Students learn the knowledge and skills in a wide range of marketing activities in business-to-consumer to business-to-business environments. Their online education also covers the influence of culture and society on marketing strategies and the impact of international trends on national campaigns. Students learn advanced marketing concepts for a competitive edge in the job marketplace, too, including consumer behavior, global marketing strategies, and web analytics. 

Students choose between a marketing concentration (i.e., three concentration courses) and a marketing specialization (i.e., two specialization courses and an elective). All students must complete core business administration courses  while the marketing courses are in international marketing, advanced marketing analytics, and data-driven decision making. 

Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University - College of Business

Online MBA in Marketing Program

FAU’s prestigious Master of Business Administration program is offered at its College of Business, which has AACSB accreditation. Of the concentrations offered, the MBA in Marketing program trains the next generation of leaders in the field of marketing. 

The online MBA in Marketing program can be completed in 16-23 months. Students progress as a group through the program – it’s a cohort-based model – that allows them to share learning experiences. Students must be enrolled full-time but can still maintain their external employment. 

The marketing MBA program requires students to complete 40-46 credit hours with 28-34 credits on business administration courses and 12 credits on electives. The core courses are in financial accounting and management, advanced analysis of accounting data, and advanced marketing management. The marketing specialization courses include digital marketing, global marketing, strategic brand management, and marketing research methods. Students may have to take foundation courses in financial accounting and managerial finance. 

Students interested in the MBA program must have a bachelor’s degree in any field and at least four years of professional work experience. 

William Paterson University

William Paterson University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

WPU’s Cotsakos College of Business, one of the AACSB-accredited business schools, offers an outstanding Master of Business Administration program with several concentrations. The MBA in Marketing concentration is popular due to its contemporary curriculum, excellent academic quality, and supportive faculty members. 

The online MBA in Marketing program has a 12-month time-to-completion with an accelerated program of study. Students complete 30 credit hours to earn a master’s degree and acquire a strong foundation in business concepts and marketing principles. Innovation and entrepreneurship are strongly emphasized, along with leadership skills and values. 

Foundation courses may be required for certain students, and these courses cover financial accounting, finance, economic analysis, foundations of management, and statistics for managers. The core courses in business administration are known for their rigor and cover topics in web analytics and business analytics, innovation, strategy and corporate sustainability, and financial and economic strategy. The marketing courses include consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and global marketing. 

Students interested in the program must have a bachelor’s degree with a 2.75 GPA or higher and submit a professional resume. 

Colorado State University

Colorado State University - Online

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The AACSB-accredited Master of Business Administration with a marketing specialization program at Colorado State prepares students for leadership roles in brand management, market analysis, and marketing support. The emphasis of the MBA in Marketing Data Analytics program is on the applications of business and web analytics in marketing. 

The curriculum of the online MBA in Marketing program consists of 42 credits. The core classes strengthen the students’ business administration skills by covering topics in human resource management, business systems and process, and accounting. The marketing data analytics-related core courses are in database concepts, business intelligence, and business data visualization – and these are unique in that few other programs offer them. 

As for the concentration courses, students tackle rigorous courses in quantitative and qualitative marketing research methods, digital marketing, and service marketing management. These courses require both technical knowledge and transferable skills, thus, the natural progression of the coursework. 

The program has a time-to-completion between 21 months and five years, depending on the number of courses taken every semester. Students can apply for financial aid. 

Baylor University

Baylor University - Hankamer School of Business

Online MBA in Marketing Program

Baylor’s MBA in Marketing program is designed for students interested in gaining a wider perspective and deeper insights into the aspects of 21st-century marketing. Students learn about modern marketing principles and practices in branding, advertising, and marketing strategies from experienced faculty members with terminal degrees. 

Excellent value sets the online MBA in Marketing program apart from other MBA programs. Students benefit from excellent academic instruction and real-world applications without getting into overwhelming student debt. Graduates report that the marketing MBA degree boosted their credibility as marketing professionals in their fields. 

The program of study, which requires students to complete 48-60 credit hours, starts with business administration core courses. Accounting, economics, applied business finance, and strategic management are covered. Then, students tackle the marketing courses like strategic marketing, strategic brand management, and marketing analysis. 

With Baylor’s career management services, students gain the skills that promote their career success before graduation. The Baylor name itself is prestigious, meaning graduates are sought-after by employers and work as public relations specialists, market research analysts, and marketing managers. 

Longwood University

Longwood University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The MBA in Marketing degree from Longwood University isn’t just another paper degree – it adds exceptional value to your resume and sharpens your competitive edge for leadership positions. Both current and aspiring marketing professionals are welcome to apply, but every student must be committed to their success. 

The AACSB-accredited online MBA in Marketing degree can be earned in 10 months of accelerated study. Students complete 31 credit hours divided into 25 credits of core courses and six credits of electives. The core courses in business administration cover managerial economics, financial management, and information technology, and more. The elective courses are in consumer behavior and research and data visualization. 

The result is a well-rounded business education with a strong marketing emphasis that can be applied in business and non-business settings. Marketing MBA graduates are also competent in using statistics and economics to create marketing strategies and campaigns. 

Prospective students must possess a bachelor’s degree in any field and submit official transcripts and a professional resume to be considered for admission. Admission is on a selective basis, with the admissions committee using a holistic approach in their applicant evaluation. 

Washington State University

Washington State University - Carson College of Business

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The business administration program at WSU is a top-notch AACSB-accredited program that offers an MBA in Marketing specialization. Students learn the best practices in creating excellent value for target audiences for diverse organizations in the public and private sectors. Graduates go on to establish enviable reputations as marketing experts. 

The online MBA in marketing program blends a strong business administration core and contemporary concentration courses in consumer behavior, marketing strategy, and international marketing management. Students build on past learnings with each progression resulting in a well-rounded education with real-world applications. There’s a stronger emphasis on marketing for 21st-century audiences and on brand management, new product marketing, and advertising on traditional and digital media. 

Graduates possess professional competencies in identifying opportunities for creating excellent customer value, applying marketing research for improved decisions, and delivering exceptional marketing strategies. 

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The John Massey School of Business, an AACSB-accredited business school, offers a standout MBA in Marketing program for current and aspiring marketing professionals. The business administration program features an accelerated program of study that can be completed in 12 months, while its updated curriculum consists of 36 credit hours. 

Admission into the online MBA in Marketing program is competitive, with applicants evaluated based on their academic and professional background, potential for leadership, and student success. Applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.5 GPA; there’s no need for submission of GMAT scores. 

Students interested in entering the online program may or may not have a business administration degree. But students with a non-business degree may be required to complete prerequisite courses in financial and managerial accounting, business statistics, and microeconomics. These prerequisites are completed online along with four leveling courses. 

This is an affordable online MBA degree, so the program of study doesn’t seem to last long. The curriculum mixes business administration core courses and marketing courses, such as social media marketing, consumer behavior, and marketing analytics. 

University of Houston Victoria

University of Houston-Victoria - College of Business

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The AACSB-accredited UHV College of Business welcomes students interested in business and marketing careers to its Global MBA in Marketing program. Students gain a comprehensive knowledge of modern marketing principles and practices, including market research, consumer behavior, and international marketing management. Students can earn the MBA in Marketing degree in as few as 12 months but with a full-time commitment. 

The curriculum features 30 credit hours of foundation, core, and concentration courses. The foundation courses in financial management, financial reporting and analysis, and statistics and research methods can be waived depending on a student’s academic background. 

The core courses in business administration focus on global finance, business strategy and economics, operations and supply chain management, and management information systems. Marketing students take additional courses in marketing research and business-to-business marketing. The business administration program emphasizes the development of business acumen on an international scale. 

The online MBA in Marketing program accepts students during the five start dates. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and complete a statistics course. 

Arkansas State University

Arkansas State University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

Graduates of the AACSB-accredited MBA in Marketing program at A-State’s Neil Griffin College of Business have the ability to identify and analyze consumer behavior for marketing strategy purposes. Students are encouraged to use their critical thinking skills and creativity to create marketing campaigns for new and existing products and services. The result: Quality education that prepares them for success in the business and marketing industry. 

Students in the online MBA in Marketing program can earn the master’s degree in just 12 months, but a full-time commitment to the rigorous coursework is a must. The 33-credit curriculum consists of 24-credit core courses in managerial economics, business analytics, and accounting, as well as project management, strategic marketing, and predictive decision-making simulations. Marketing students then complete the 6-credit concentration courses in digital marketing and contemporary marketing issues. 

To complete the curriculum, students choose a single elective course. Choices are either in didactic coursework – for example, promotional strategy, service marketing strategy, or healthcare marketing – or a marketing internship. Graduates choose from several career paths, too, such as marketing manager, market research director, or advertising manager. 

Emporia State University

Emporia State University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

Emporia’s online MBA program is accredited by AACSB International, proof of its academic excellence and other exceptional attributes. The MBA in Marketing program trains students for high-level leadership roles in business and marketing occupations, thanks to a well-rounded curriculum and real-world insights. The program of study emphasizes the widespread use of digital platforms while also shining a spotlight on the merits of traditional media. 

The online MBA in Marketing program features accelerated seven-week courses that establish a strong foundation in the best practices in business and marketing strategies. The case study-driven courses enable students to gain useful insights that can be used in their current workplaces or businesses. 

But first, admission into the program is a must, and it’s a competitive process. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with at least a 3.0 GPA and 2-4 years of professional work experience with an emphasis on quantitative analysis. A professional resume, official transcripts, and a cover letter are required for submission. 

The 33-credit curriculum consists of 11 courses, most of which are business administration courses. Foundation courses may be required for non-business students, while marketing students must complete three concentration courses. 

Bowling Green State University

Bowling Green State University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

BGSU’s Allen W. and Carol M. Schmidthorst College of Business has dual accreditation from AACSB for its business and accounting programs. The online MBA in Marketing program is then considered among the best due to said recognition and its emphasis on innovation and value in marketing education. Most of its professors are also well-known for their contributions and continuing research on cutting-edge topics in business and marketing. 

The streamlined admissions process for the online MBA in Marketing program doesn’t make it any easier for applicants to be accepted. Aside from a bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.75 GPA, applicants must also have at least three years of professional work experience and submit three professional references. 

Once accepted, students can earn the master’s degree in as few as 12 months after completing the academic requirements for 30 credit hours. Students with non-business degrees must take foundation courses in financial accounting and analysis, statistics for managers, and organizational behavior. The foundation courses can be taken concurrently with core courses in managerial accounting, supply chain management, and financial management. 

The marketing courses include branding, consumer behavior, and digital marketing. Students complete a capstone course, too. 

St. Bonaventure University

St. Bonaventure University - Online

Online MBA in Marketing Program

St. Bonaventure’s School of Business is an AACSB-accredited institution that offers an exceptional MBA in Marketing program. Students develop their business administration and marketing knowledge and skills through an intensive curriculum. 

Like most of the best marketing MBA programs, it requires the completion of foundation courses for students with non-business bachelor’s degrees and/or professional backgrounds. These are in economics, accounting and finance, and quantitative analysis for managerial decision-making. 

The mix of business administration core and marketing concentration courses ensures quality business education that rivals the best in the world. These are in financial management, marketing management, accounting, consumer behavior, international marketing, and marketing research. Students also complete a capstone course and choose an elective, such as business analytics. 

What makes it among the best online MBA programs is that students get personalized attention from faculty members available for consultations during office hours. Students also leverage their knowledge and skills by applying them to real-world situations. 

Maryville University

Maryville University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

With the premise that marketing powers business, the MBA in Marketing program at Maryville University trains students in the best practices in both business and marketing. Students receive specialized education in integrated marketing communication, consumer behavior, and search engine optimization. 

The fully online marketing MBA program doesn’t have entrance exams but has multiple start dates. Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and submit official transcripts and a personal statement demonstrating readiness for graduate studies. Students benefit from flexible schedules, user-friendly online learning platforms, and academic rigor. 

The MBA in Marketing online program has a 14-month completion rate for full-time students. The curriculum features 39 credit hours with courses that develop professional-level competencies in business economics, policies and ethics, accounting, and strategic marketing. 

University of Saint Mary

University of Saint Mary

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The MBA program at the University of Saint Mary is accredited by IACBE and is known for its diverse student body, academic rigor, and good graduate outcomes. The online MBA in Marketing and Advertising program trains students in getting their business and marketing ideas from the drawing to reality with a mix of didactic coursework and hands-on learning experiences. Students also learn best practices in advertising, a subset of marketing, in both traditional and digital media. 

The core courses in the online marketing MBA program form the bulk of the extensive 33-credit curriculum with courses in strategic management, organizational management, managerial economics and finance, and global management. The marketing concentration courses cover the advertising industry, consumer behavior and marketing research, and advanced marketing strategy. These courses are delivered in eight-week terms. 

With such rigorous coursework, graduates are able to create successful marketing campaigns, maximize return on investment, and lead with confidence and competence. Students can earn the degree in 12 months with full-time studies. 

Davenport University

Davenport University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The 100% online MBA in Marketing program offered at the IACBE-accredited Donald W. Maine College of Business trains students for the challenges of business and marketing in the 21st century. Students learn the tricks of the trade, including the ability to make trends in marketing and adapt to the ever-evolving demands of businesses and other organizations for marketing services. 

This is among the best online MBA in Marketing programs because students get experiential learning opportunities through projects and research. Students also have the option of earning a professional certification, the HubSpot social media certificate, which will boost their credibility as digital marketing professionals. 

Most of the coursework in the online marketing MBA program is in business administration, including managerial accounting and finance, quantitative business analysis, and operations and supply chain management. The marketing courses are typical for MBA in Marketing, like digital marketing, consumer behavior, and integrated marketing communication strategy. 

Students in the marketing concentration program also complete a 3-credit capstone course that allows students to demonstrate their mastery of topics and learning experiences. 

Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg State University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

Fitchburg State’s MBA programs are accredited by IACBE, and its accreditation is proof that its MBA in Marketing program delivers quality education. Students gain a broad understanding of advanced business administration principles and practices combined with effective marketing education. Graduates are adept at public relations, promotions, and advertising, among others.  

Professors teaching the on-campus classes also teach the online courses and bring their extensive work experience into the virtual classrooms. With their expert guidance, students have the ability to lead business and marketing teams, create successful marketing strategies, and add value to their organizations. Students are also able to take advantage of trends on the national and international stage that will benefit their organizations’ bottom line. 

Applicants interested in the online marketing MBA program must have a bachelor’s degree with at least a 2.8 GPA and submit a professional resume for consideration. Once accepted, students can fast-track their time-to-degree to 12 months. 

The 30-credit comprehensive curriculum features ten courses, including strategic management, marketing management, and management information systems. The marketing concentration courses include market research and analysis, marketing strategies, and integrated marketing communications. 

Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University

Online MBA in Marketing Program

The Colangelo College of Business, an ACBSP-accredited business school, offers its outstanding MBA in Marketing program for business and non-business professionals. Its underlying philosophy is business as a force for good and business as a ministry that can elevate humanity when done right. Such a philosophy isn’t surprising since Grand Canyon University is a private Christian university dedicated to becoming a positive influence in the world. 

The online marketing MBA program has flexible online classes accommodating busy working professionals. Students can also transfer credits that can shorten their time-to-completion when approved. Sustainability underlies the coursework in addition to the altruistic philosophy.  

The 54-credit curriculum covers a wide range of topics in business administration and marketing in the modern world. Students learn about quantitative methods, economics, strategic marketing management, and more. 

About Online MBA in Marketing Programs

What is marketing in the first place? Marketing refers to the decisions, actions, and activities that organizations take in promoting their products and/or services to their target audiences. The key in marketing is in getting the attention of target audiences through advertisements, sales and delivery of products and services, and branding (e.g., logos, slogans, and graphics), among others. Marketing is also about identifying consumer behavior and using the information to the organization’s advantage. 

The popularity of MBA in Marketing programs continues to be high because of the crucial importance of marketing for both public and private organizations. Yes, even government agencies, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations benefit from professional marketing campaigns, which can be the first-time exposure or interaction that target audiences have with their services! For-profit organizations obviously benefit from customized marketing campaigns to stand out from the competition and sell their products and services. 

For both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, their marketing programs are designed for growth purposes, whether it’s to increase their profits or to attract more donations. Their marketing strategies reflect their specific organizational goals and objectives – and this is where the expertise of professionals with MBA in Marketing degrees come in. 

But earning the best online MBA in Marketing degree isn’t a walk in the park! While it’s a non-STEM graduate degree, the rigorous coursework combined with a capstone project can challenge your capacity for intellectual exercise. The good news is that earning an MBA in Marketing degree has its rewards. 

Best Online MBA in Marketing Schools - fact

For one thing, marketing professionals with an MBA degree have higher earning power than their counterparts with a bachelor’s degree. The higher earning power of MBA graduates results from their higher positions in the corporate ladder, such as being a sales manager, business development manager, and marketing manager. While a bachelor’s degree and extensive work experience are sufficient for many leadership positions, an MBA in Marketing degree becomes a competitive edge. 

For another thing, marketing professionals with an MBA degree are more likely to enjoy higher job satisfaction because of their greater influence in their workplaces. Their contributions to their organizations’ growth are evident, and their work is respected. There are also the stimulating challenges that come with being in a leadership position – and in this case, the diverse challenges range from analyzing market research to implementing marketing strategies. 

But not everybody will thrive in the best online MBA in Marketing degree programs either! The best marketing programs not only have selective admissions criteria but also require their students to possess personal and professional traits that will make them effective marketing managers and leaders. 

These skills include analytical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills, as well as interpersonal, organizational, and collaboration skills. Teamwork and project management skills are a must, too, considering that the best marketing campaigns result from collaborations. Add creativity that results in new and imaginative ideas, and you’re a great candidate for an MBA in Marketing degree! 

Online MBAs typically take 2-3 years for students to complete, and this is true for online marketing MBA programs. Full-time students in standard marketing programs can earn the graduate degree in two years while part-time students have a 3-year time-to-degree, on average. If you’re in a hurry to earn an MBA in Marketing degree, you can check out accelerated programs with time-to-degree between 12 and 18 months. 

Online marketing MBA programs require between 30 and 60 credit hours for completion based on several factors. Foundation courses may or may not be credited as part of the program of study. 

The best online MBA in Marketing programs divide their curriculum into the following components: 

  • Core courses in business administration take up the majority of the credits and coursework since these are online MBAs, after all. These include but aren’t limited to human resource management, corporate finance, financial and managerial accounting, strategic management, operations management, managerial economics, and business law and ethics. 
  • Concentration courses in marketing programs include sales management, marketing research, consumer behavior and marketing strategies, and digital marketing. Students learn about the 4Ps of marketing campaigns – product, price, place and promotion, including public relations –  that underlie effective marketing strategies. Students in marketing programs also learn about the best marketing strategies for traditional and digital marketing platforms. 
  • Foundation courses are also required in many online MBA programs for students without a bachelor’s degree in business administration or business management. These courses are intended to allow students to keep up with the concepts and, thus, thrive in marketing programs. 

Online MBA programs also require the completion of a capstone course or project that demonstrates their mastery of the topics and/or their skills in business administration with a marketing emphasis. Many MBA in Marketing programs provide students with structured options in their capstone topics, while many give more freedom in their capstone projects. Examples of capstone topics for online MBA degrees are market feasibility for a start-up, downsizing and balancing budgets, and diversity and inclusivity in marketing campaigns. 

There are a few online MBA programs that provide internship opportunities for online students. Internship opportunities are designed for hands-on learning experiences and networking opportunities. 

Online Master of Business Administration programs use a dedicated learning management system (LMS) that enables students and professors to upload and download, access and update, and submit course learning materials. The best LMS also allows students to interact with their peers and professors through chats, messaging, forums, and threads. 

The best online MBA programs have selective admissions criteria based on the documents applicants submit. These include a bachelor’s degree, GMAT/GRE scores, letters of recommendation, personal statement, and professional resume. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How will earning an MBA in Marketing advance my career?

An MBA in Marketing will open doors to many career opportunities in both the public and private sectors. It will broaden your understanding of the core principles and theories of marketing, as well as provide you with the skills to become a top-level marketer in an organization.

With an MBA in Marketing, you will be able to identify key marketing trends, identify consumer demand, utilize data and analytics to create effective campaigns, and lead teams to success. Earning an MBA in Marketing will also show potential employers that you are dedicated to your profession and will be an asset to their organization.

What are the career paths for graduates of online Master of Business Administration in Marketing programs? 

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers are popular career paths, but the diversity of marketing careers is before them, too! You can become a public relations manager, a market research analyst, or even a chief marketing officer with extensive work experience. 

What are the typical salaries for professionals in marketing careers? 

Marketing professionals are among the highest-paid professionals and, thus, can enjoy a good quality of life. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, advertising, promotions, and marketing managers earned a median annual salary between $127,150 and $135,030 (May 2021). The highest earners can take in $208,000+ in a single year! 

Plus, the projected job growth for these marketing professionals is at a robust 10% (2021-2031) which translates to about 35,300 new openings every year, on average. The demand for advertising, promotions and marketing managers is due to the widespread use of their services among diverse organizations and the rise of digital marketing. 

What certifications can marketing professionals get after earning an online Master of Business Administration that will boost their marketing careers? 

The Professional Certified Marketer is highly recommended for marketing professionals. There are four tracks available – Digital Marketing, Sales Management, Content Marketing, and Marketing Management. 

Other recommended certifications are Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook Blueprint certifications, to name a few. Marketing professionals keep their skill sets current through these certifications. 

Wrap Up

The lucrative possibilities of marketing careers are within your reach when you earn the best online MBA in Marketing degree from your university of choice! Your unique knowledge and skills are your competitive advantage for business administration and marketing leadership positions.

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