The Top 10 MBA Programs in South Carolina

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Are you considering moving to “The State of Transformation”? You are not alone! South Carolina’s balance of scenic, relaxing spots and bustling cities is a perfect combination for people who want to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Not only individuals but also businesses are flocking to the state. In 2022 alone, the state won 93 projects! This means more companies will relocate and expand their operations in the state, bringing more job opportunities for its locals. This significantly contributes to the state’s low unemployment rate of 3.0%. This rate is lower than the national average. 

In 2023, the GDP of South Carolina grew 18.6% since 2018, earning $228.3 billion. Several of the state’s sectors, particularly its Information sector, have seen remarkable growth in 2023. And they’re expected to have continuous and rapid growth in the coming years. IT consultancy, software development, and telecommunications companies have discovered South Carolina is a perfect place to base their operations.

There is more to this economic boom than meets the eye. To foster a climate that is favorable to corporate growth, South Carolina has been making significant investments in worker training programs, education, and infrastructure development. The state’s dedication to upholding an environment conducive to business has drawn various industries, encouraging innovation and the development of jobs. 

Among the most popular degree programs in South Carolina is the Master of Business Administration. The state houses reputable universities that offer top-notch MBA programs, providing individuals with the tools and insights needed to excel in various industries. And because of the state’s thriving business environment, many out-of-state students have put South Carolina on their list for an MBA career. 

We’ve listed the ten most competitive South Carolina business schools, all of which have received specialized business education accreditation. 

Top 10 MBA Programs in South Carolina

School of Business – College of Charleston

School of Business - College of Charleston

College of Charleston was established in 1785, making it the oldest institution in the state and the 13th oldest in the nation. Charleston has withstood several obstacles, from its early days as a private college to its evolution into a public university. Today, Charleston offers 67 majors.

Charleston’s School of Business is known as SC’s business school, where tradition meets innovation. Moreover, the School of Business connects students with the business community. As an MBA student, the school will give you two options on how you want to complete your graduate studies:

The EMBA, which focuses on mid-level professionals, and the one-year MBA are fully recognized by the AACSB. Both programs feature accelerated formats to help students quickly apply what they’ve learned to their professions. 

Additionally, MBA students have various networking opportunities that foster career development and personal growth. The programs also focus on providing affordable tuition to encourage more students to continue learning.

Darla Moore School of Business – University of South Carolina

Darla Moore School of Business - University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina is thriving with academic and research opportunities. Students in undergraduate and graduate-level programs anticipate rigorous academic standards and great competition with peers. USC programs are built to meet the various expectations set by various 21st-century industries, which is why students can take technology courses and how they apply to their industries. 

The Darla Moore School of Business is USC’s most esteemed school. It has high job placement rates and a strong reputation for producing successful business leaders. It offers several programs that emphasize global business education, including three MBA pathways:

These MBA programs have received accreditation from the AACSB. Each MBA program has its own focus. 

  • The one-year MBA offers a quick route to graduation. 
  • The international MBA offers a more globalized approach to business education. 
  • The PMBA program provides students with a more flexible format and is open to professionals from various industries. 

Each MBA program offers various ways for students to customize their learning experience. They’ll be provided with various tracks and specialization options. 

Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business – Clemson University

Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business - Clemson University

Students who thrive in large campus environments should consider Clemson University. It is the second-largest institution in South Carolina, providing a unique educational experience that blends academic rigor with a vibrant community atmosphere. It’s also among the most competitive online schools today. 

Among its seven colleges is the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business. Accredited by AACSB International, it offers MBA programs applauded for their cutting-edge and practical approach to complex management subjects. Here are its three MBA degrees:

Each MBA program requires students to work on real-world projects with esteemed domestic and international companies. Students will get hands-on experience in the classroom through employer networking forums and individualized career counseling. Additionally, they’ll be able to network with executives, entrepreneurs, and HR professionals at over 20 program-sponsored events held annually.

Wall College of Business – Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina University - Wall College of Business

Coastal Carolina University, a public university, is known for its liberal arts education and low student-to-faculty ratio. Despite its medium size, CCU enrolls various students from other states and abroad. This diversity allows students to study within a rich tapestry of cultural diversity on campus. 

CCU’s Wall College of Business is an AACSB-accredited school that prides itself on producing business leaders who obtained employment in large-scale companies. Wall graduates have worked at Walt Disney World, Amazon, KPMG, and more. CCU Wall offers a robust training ground for aspiring MBA students who want to concentrate on:

Wall’s vast selection of MBA concentrations helps students develop skills for an increasingly complex business environment. Students can expect to have an interactive experience emphasizing solid student-faculty relationships. Faculty with industry and consulting experience provide personalized management education.

The Wall MBAs are great for students who want a 100% online learning experience. 

School of Business – Francis Marion University

School of Business - Francis Marion University

Francis Marion University has gained popularity mainly for its International Studies program. FMU exchanges students with 18 partner universities in 13 countries every semester. This unique opportunity enriches students’ educational and campus life experience without additional tuition costs.

The FMU School of Business prioritizes personalized education to provide students with an up-to-date curriculum. If you’re looking for an esteemed MBA degree program to break into managerial and executive roles in the healthcare sector, consider FMU’s 

This specialized MBA program is a collaboration between the AACSB-accredited School of Business and the ACEN-accredited Department of Nursing. This MBA program prepares students for leadership roles in administration, financial management, and project management. It includes core courses, internships, capstone projects, and electives, with opportunities for electives.

College of Business – Lander University

College of Business - Lander University

Lander University is among the smallest public universities in South Carolina. Its environment makes it among the best schools for students who want to pursue a degree in a tight-knit learning environment that almost feels like a private university but with affordable tuition fees. 

Lander’s College of Business, accredited by the AACSB, offers various scholarship opportunities to its students. It’s also known for allowing graduates to become part of its faculty members. The COB offers various business education programs, including:

The Lander MBA offers a comprehensive degree, combining 18 credit hours of core knowledge and 12 credit hours of courses divided into two micro-credentials. The program aims to equip graduates with advanced business knowledge, analytics skills, strategic planning, effective leadership, and an understanding of their micro-credential role in the business enterprise. 

What’s more is that the Lander MBA offers a flat-rate tuition fee, making it an affordable option for out-of-state students. 

School of Business – South Carolina State University

School of Business - South Carolina State University

South Carolina State University has been home to business leaders since business. The university’s dedication to turning out well-rounded individuals with solid business skills has remained strong over time. To prepare them for the complexity of the business world, SCSU offers a dynamic curriculum that combines theoretical principles with real-world applications.  

The AACSB has long accredited the SCSU School of Business Administration. Students seeking a convenient and affordable way to earn a graduate program can consider this school. It offers various business education programs, including: 

The SCSU MBA offers various tracks to suit different career goals. Students can pursue a General, Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship, or Healthcare Management track. 

The online MBA offers an accelerated format, allowing students to complete their program in 12 months. In addition to customization, students can also expect personalized academic and expert career advising. According to the program, nearly 100% of their MBA graduates find employment within six months.

Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business – The Citadel

Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business - The Citadel

The Citadel provides a military college education with a focus on leadership excellence and academic distinction. With approximately 2,300 members, one-third earn commissions to become officers. Established over 50 years ago, it offers graduate degrees, certificates, and evening undergraduate programs.

The Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business has been accredited by AACSB International. It offers a high-quality institution in business education and values. It encourages a balance between applied and pedagogical research. The school provides various undergraduate, graduate, and cadet programs, including:

The Citadel MBA offers advanced abilities for successful leadership careers in a global environment. Students will learn in a flexible online manner and graduate in two years, taking one course at a time. Additional credentials in leadership and project management are available through cooperative programs. 

The program also includes capstone experiences for entrepreneurial, consulting, and executive management interests.

College of Business Administration – Winthrop University

College of Business Administration - Winthrop University

Winthrop University is considered one of the best schools for women pursuing careers in male-dominated industries. The university strongly fosters a mentorship culture. It encourages students to seek advice from seasoned professionals who can offer insightful industry tips, networking, and support. Additionally, students can look forward to financial assistance, such as scholarships and generous transfer credit policies. 

The College of Business Administration at Winthrop is an award-winning AACSB-accredited school. The COB is mostly known for its strengths in professional development and international experience programs. MBA seekers have two options to complete their MBAs from Winthorp’s COB.

With flexible MBA options, students can swiftly adapt their education to meet the dynamic demands of the professional landscape. The curriculum includes opportunities for lectures, international experiences, field-based learning projects, and financial market seminars. 

Students can also pursue micro-certificates to customize their MBA experience. They can pursue Financial Analysis, Business Analytics, or Leadership in Organizations. 

School of Business – Claflin University

School of Business - Claflin University

Claflin University is an outstanding private and historically black higher education institution in South Carolina. With a small enrollment of 2,000 annually, pursuing an education at the university provides a unique and intimate learning experience. Claflin has evolved over the years and has become a nationally inclusive institution focused on innovation. 

Claflin’s ACBSP-accredited School of Business offers one of South Carolina’s most progressive MBA programs. The curriculum of its MBA empowers professionals to gain an international perspective on business. If you’re looking for an intimate and flexible MBA, you can pursue Claflin’s

The Claflin MBA offers a flexible format designed to help students complete the entire curriculum on their own terms. The program prepares professionals for various business settings, including management, operations, and human resources. It emphasizes ethical leadership, value proposition for customers, and sustainability. 

Students gain global experience working alongside peers from different nationalities. They’ll learn from internationally experienced faculty members. The program also provides advertising, marketing, business communications, human resources, and healthcare opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in South Carolina with an MBA?

With South Carolina’s thriving business ecosystem, you can expect a lot. But suppose you want higher job stability and career growth opportunities. In that case, you should consider pursuing a specialization that directly leads to the state’s fastest-growing industries

Sector5-Year Growth
Management of Companies and Enterprises8.7%
Professional, Scientific and Technical Services5.7%
Finance and Insurance4.4%
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting3.2%

Which South Carolina cities pay the highest salaries for MBA graduates?

The average pay of MBA professionals in South Carolina is $139,118. Although this is lower than the average national salary of MBA professionals, there are certain SC cities where MBAs are paid higher. 

According to Zip Recruiter, MBA professionals working in North Charleston, Charleston, and Greenville have the highest salaries. North Charleston MBAs have a median annual wage of $172,210. 

What sector has the highest job stability? 

Like many other states, the most stable job sectors in South Carolina are healthcare and supply chain management/logistics. MBA students who pursue healthcare-related, HR, and supply chain management specializations may find employment in either industry.

Where can I find employment in South Carolina with an MBA?

There are over 400k small businesses in South Carolina. Most of these businesses need the expertise of MBA graduates to expand their businesses. Additionally, South Carolina has several large-scale companies where you can leverage your MBA skills for impactful roles.

What is the most expensive and most affordable MBA program in South Carolina? 

The most expensive program of the top MBAs listed is Clemson University, which is $40,500. On the other hand, the least costly MBA is the University of South Carolina’s One-Year MBA, which costs $25,625 for residents and $29,520 for non-residents. However, students enrolled in USC’s International MBA pay $32,000 (in-state students) and $60,384 (out-of-state students).

However, these costs are just the sticker prices. The actual cost of an MBA depends on several factors, including financial assistance and transfer credits. In some cases, MBA students in private schools, especially non-residents, pay less tuition than those enrolled in public colleges and universities. 

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