The Top 5 MBA Programs in Mississippi

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Mississippi is a medium-sized state with a GDP of $105.1 billion and a population of 2.9 million. Despite its size, the state offers one of the friendliest business climates that attracts manufacturers. Additionally, the state has one of the lowest corporate taxes in the US, offering low business costs. 

Mississippi is experiencing a surge in business and organizational ventures, signaling a need for a more skilled workforce. Mississippi’s manufacturing, real estate, and retail trade are expanding, and the aerospace industry is flourishing. With many benefits and resources, including the Aerospace Initiative Incentives Program and strategic proximity to critical military locations, Mississippi is becoming the destination for advanced manufacturing companies.

As Mississippi’s industries grow, so does the demand for a skilled workforce. In response, the state’s colleges and universities have launched innovative educational programs. One such program significantly impacting state growth is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

MBA programs in Mississippi have been tailored to provide an in-depth understanding of business principles while incorporating real-world applications and industry-specific knowledge. To ensure high-quality education, business schools have obtained program-specific accreditation. These MBAs follow strict academic and professional standards to help aspiring business professionals excel in various fields.  

There are more benefits to earning an MBA in Mississippi than just academics. Because of the state’s business-friendly climate, graduates can work for well-established companies or support the expansion of start-ups. 

Top 5 MBA Programs in Mississippi

Ole Miss School of Business – University of Mississippi

Ole Miss School of Business - University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi, popularly known as Ole Miss, is a large public research university in Oxford, MS. It is known as a launchpad for careers across the professions. Ole Miss offers over 120 majors, from bachelor’s to doctorate degrees. Students at each level must complete an experiential learning opportunity to enhance their practical skills. 

Ole Miss consists of 15 academic schools, including the Ole Miss School of Business. It is a highly-ranked business school with accreditation from the AACSB International. It offers several business programs, including two MBA formats:

These MBA programs allow prospective students to choose a format that best complements their currency lifestyles. Both MBA programs are taught by the same on-campus faculty using the same MBA curriculum; their only difference is the delivery style. Courses in organizational behavior, financial analysis, leadership, and ethics are among the prerequisites.

These are General MBA programs, meaning no concentrations are available.

Else School of Management – Millsaps College

Else School of Management - Millsaps College

Students who want to learn in an intimate academic environment will perfectly fit at Millsaps College, a small private liberal arts institution. Situated in the energetic metropolis of Jackson, students can benefit from the school’s proximity to professional and cultural opportunities. Students have various activities outside of the classroom to supplement their education, whether taking part in internships or attending local events.

The Else School of Management is one of Millsaps’ degree-granting schools. Else School offers various majors, from finance and accounting to management and business administration. It offers two pathways to earn an MBA accredited by AACSB International

Although these MBAs follow the same core curriculum, they are specifically designed for different types of students. The first MBA pathway is designed for applicants who want to start building their skills for executive roles, while the EMBA is for mid-level business professionals.

EMBA students will be required to pursue immersive learning experiences in Mexico. On the other hand, full-time/part-time MBA students can customize their learning by choosing to pursue a concentration in Entrepreneurship, Global Studies, Marketing, Data Analytics, or Finance. 

School of Business – Mississippi College

School of Business - Mississippi College

Mississippi College is a top recruiter of community-driven students. Founded in 1826, Mississippi College is the state’s oldest private higher learning institution. The college offers various arts, humanities, and sciences degree programs. 

Mississippi College is a top player in providing business education to both residents and non-residents. The AACSB International has long accredited its School of Business and has received multiple awards from reputable organizations. The MBA degree at Mississippi College is among the most flexible and most customizable degrees, with various options:

These MBA programs can be completed online or on-campus, depending on which format students feel most comfortable in. MC School of Business attracts hundreds of students annually. Nevertheless, students will study in small classes to build close relationships with instructors. The MC faculty has the best academic preparation combined with a plethora of business-related professional expertise.

College of Business – Mississippi State University

College of Business - Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University is the second-largest university in the state. It was established in 1878 and has received multiple recognition as a major hub for education. Its Center for Academic Excellence offers various student support services considered among the best and most effective in the state. 

MSU has over 175 programs offered by its eight colleges. One of its most prominent colleges is the College of Business. Accredited by the AACSB, this MSU college is at the forefront of producing business leaders nationwide. Aspiring MBA students have three options for pursuing an MBA at MSU:

These MBA programs train students to become growth leaders within their sectors. The curriculum is designed to help students build on their strengths, expand their competencies, and forge their own routes to success. To tailor their academic experience, students can pursue a concentration in project management or business analytics. Students can graduate in one year, depending on how many courses they take per semester. 

College of Business and Economic Development – University of Southern Mississippi

College of Business and Economic Development - University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi is a top school in the United States, offering unique and specialized programs that distinguish it from other institutions. One such distinction is the university’s exclusive offering of an ocean engineering degree. Another standout feature of USM is its abundance of international student financial aid opportunities. 

USM’s College of Business and Economic Development is one of the few to have received AACSB accreditation for both accounting and business degrees. The school holds an annual competition that resembles “shark tank,” providing students with a unique opportunity to showcase their entrepreneurial skills and innovative business ideas. The college offers various on-campus and online programs, including: 

This MBA program is specifically designed for working adult students, preferably with three years of work experience in the industry. Students can complete the program in a flexible, 100% online learning format. Those who prefer to learn on-campus can study in a hybrid format of night classes on the Hattiesburg campus. Students can concentrate on Sports Event Security Management or pursue a specialized Business Foundations Certificate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Tuition for a Mississippi MBA? 

The average tuition fee for MBAs in Mississippi is $15K, which is lower than the national average for MBA programs. The specific tuition can increase or decrease depending on where you study. Public and government-funded universities like Ole Miss and Mississippi State University offer lower tuition fees than private colleges like Millsaps College. 

What Can You Do With an MBA in Mississippi?

As an MBA grad, you have many job opportunities in Mississippi. One of the most rewarding ways to establish a prosperous career in the state is by tapping into its thriving ecosystems, which offer unique benefits and growth potential.

The agriculture sector in Mississippi is a dynamic field for MBAs. It presents a broad spectrum of marketing, economics, and management consulting roles. Additionally, you can explore managing bioenergy, food processing, and transportation activities.

Do Missipppi MBAs offer great ROI? 

Like any other degree in any other state, the ROI of an MBA heavily depends on the decisions you make. However, since Mississippi is renowned for its lower-than-average tuition fees, affordable cost of living, and growing industries, pursuing an MBA degree in this state offers a great advantage in maximizing return on investment. The important thing is that you understand the local job market; this will help you align your MBA with the specific needs and demands of the region. 

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