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California is not called the Golden State for nothing. California is one of the top leaders in innovation and creativity in the United States and worldwide, with over $3.4 trillion in gross domestic product. The state’s GDP contributes a lot to the country’s overall economic growth, allowing the state to become as innovative as other countries, such as Japan, Germany, and China. 

A total of 7.2 million people, or 48.5% of the state’s workforce, are employed by California’s 4.1 million small enterprises, which account for 99.8% of the state’s firms.

Additionally, the state is home to giant companies in the world, such as Disney, Intel, Apple, Gap, and Facebook. And not only does the state excel in the business sector, but it is also one of the top states for agriculture and healthcare, which means that the state of California is the best for finding employment and job growth. 

Top MBA Programs in California - fact

Its population is booming, and thousands of students are interested in joining since it has the biggest economy and some of the fastest-growing industries in the United State’s manufacturing, technology, finance, and other sectors. These students are ambitious, hard-working people with high dreams looking for a setting that would motivate and encourage them.

You will find something in California regardless of your education and career goals because, unlike other states, California offers something for everyone and is not focused on specific student populations.

With more than 70 California MBA programs and 44 accredited business schools, you’ll have many opportunities to study business and business administration in a dynamic environment. MBA graduates will have a competitive advantage in the job market by showcasing their corporate leadership skills. This is seen by the average $30,000 pay gain that follows earning an MBA degree. 

Top 20 MBA Programs in California

Stanford Graduate School of BusinessStanford University

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford University is a private university established in 1885 and has since earned top spots in the rankings for the best overall universities in the world. Stanford is now home to more than 17,000 students seeking world-class education. Numerous graduate programs at Stanford, including the MBA, are offered to students at the graduate level.

Stanford University has seven colleges co-located on a single campus in California, and all of them have outstanding breadth and depth of performance, which makes Stanford unusual among its peer institutions. The Stanford Graduate School of Business, one of the university’s most well-known colleges, is home to California’s top MBA program and is renowned for giving students access to top-notch business and management skills.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers a Master of Business Administration program that equips students with the business knowledge they need. This MBA program has the most extensive admission requirement on the list, which require students to have GMAT scores of 610-790. This MBA program is known for its Joint Degree MBA programs:

The AACSB accredits Stanford Graduate School of Business’s MBA program.

An Arbuckle Leadership Fellow guides MBA students at Stanford Graduate School of Business to develop fundamental leadership abilities in a collaborative environment in the school’s Leadership Labs. The commercial problems replicate the urgency and uncertainty of actual leadership situations. 

The general management curriculum for this MBA emphasizes social science concepts and management duties while interweaving concepts of analytical and critical thinking, developing one’s leadership, and creativity and innovation. Additionally, all Stanford MBA students participate worldwide activities that expose them to the global business world.

Stanford students who are passionate about social innovation can work with the Stanford GSB Impact Fund. MBA students exercise conscious investing for a quantifiable social and environmental effect in addition to earning substantial investment experience. The group tackles the difficulties of monitoring bottom lines while working to find promising enterprises.

Paul Merage SchoolThe University of California Irvine

Paul Merage School

The University of California Irvin was founded in 1965 in the heart of California’s famous Orange County. There are more than 11,500 students currently studying at UCI, including about 100 MBA students. UCI is called a “public Ivy,” which means that the quality of education offered by the university is similar to Ivy League institutions. 

As of 2022, UCI has fourteen schools, including the Paul Merage School of Business, that houses the MBA program. UCI offers you a top-notch education and a thrilling, active student life. There are many special events throughout the year; Summerlands and Homecoming are two of the most well-liked yearly activities on campus.

The MBA program at UCI’s Paul Merage School of Business prepares students for various upper-level careers in business and is focused on preparing students for a digitally driven world. Students can choose from these MBA programs:

The AACSB accredits the MBA program at the Paul Merage School of Business.

MBA students at the Paul Merage School of Business will receive high-quality education and diverse cultural experience, which includes annual business seminars. Not to mention the fact that the UCI campus is surrounded by over 100 big corporations, allowing students to have better chances at landing internships, creating vast networks, and other experiential learning opportunities. 

Besides experienced faculty and location advantages, MBA students get the chance to make their ideas a reality thanks to over $100,000 in prizes and business support through an annual New Venture competition for students held by the UCI Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Groups create teams, start businesses, and may even provide funding for new ventures.

Graziadio Business SchoolPepperdine University

Graziadio Business School

Pepperdine University was established in 1937 and has since been included in the rankings of many major publications. The university currently has a student population of more than 5,000 students from undergraduate to graduate studies. With a student-to-teacher ratio of about 12-to-1, Pepperdine students benefit from small class numbers and lots of individualized attention from professors.

Pepperdine University has five schools that provide the best quality of education, including the most popular Graziadio Business School. The campus is in Malibu, one of California’s most popular cities, on 830 acres of land that allow students to live in a close-knit community. Students have an active social life through various school organizations, events, and more.

Graziadio Business School offers the best full-time MBAs:

The MBA program at Graziadio Business School is accredited by AACSB

In addition to full-time MBAs, Pepperdine University also offers an Accelerated Full-Time MBATwo-Year MBAExecutive MBAInternational MBAPresidents and Key Executives MBAJoint Bachelor’s and MBA (MBAJ)JD/MBA with Caruso School of Law, and MBA/MPP with School of Public Policy. Students will have various options and can tailor their MBA programs based on their career and academic goals. 

Pepperdine University houses the Center for Applied Research, where students can involve themselves in real business challenges. This opportunity helps students broaden their knowledge and skills to prepare them for the field. 

At the Center for Applied Research, MBA students solve challenges in business to transform research findings into real-world solutions. With the help of numerous industry alliances, this collaborative strategy has effectively brought about change in the sector.

A global leadership group called Net Impact gives students a competitive edge by giving them access to valuable tools that will optimize their positive business impact. This includes lectures, seminars, and company visits for students interested in business innovation.

Marshall School of BusinessUniversity of Southern California

Marshall School of Business

The University of Southern California was established in 1880, making it the oldest private research university in California. USC started with 53 students and 10 faculty members but now has almost 50,000 students, including 28,000 students studying for graduate and professional degrees. The institution generates $8 billion in economic activity annually, making it the largest private employer in Los Angeles.

With its many locations, the University of South Carolina system establishes a presence across the state and offers fantastic opportunities for students. Among its schools is one of the most famous and one of the world’s leading business schools, the Marshall School of Business. The MBA program combines data-driven decision-making and analytics with an MBA degree and offers a practical technical viewpoint on excelling in business.

USC offers MBA programs that cater to traditional and non-traditional students:

Except for the MBA online, most of USC’s MBA programs meet in person at the University Park campus in Los Angeles.

MBA programs at USC’s Marshall School of Business have received accreditation from AACSB. 

The USC MBA program attracts students from all around the world by providing a practical graduate business education. These programs support each participant’s unique schedule, career objectives, and learning preferences while guiding graduates toward professional success.

Additionally, MBA students can participate in studies on important corporate world issues. USC conducts a wide range of innovative research, from the seawater supply chain to the science underpinning financial decision-making.

The business research fair displays the school’s leadership in all business areas. By doing so, professors can engage MBA students and present their research’s key findings.

California State University Long Beach College of BusinessCalifornia State University Long Beach

College of Business - California State University Long Beach

California State University Long Beach started its college operations in 1949 and later became a university in 1972. CSULB has almost 40,000 students currently enrolled in traditional and online programs. According to most students, CSULB is the university to go to if you’re looking for world-class learning and research opportunities and tons of weekly raging parties. 

CSULB is the second biggest campus of the California University System, situated on 322-acre land. The campus is far bigger than Disneyland. Aside from the massive campus, what’s great about this university is that it provides a designated area for graduate students, which is a big plus for MBA students.

Graduate students can access individualized advising appointments, graduate writing support, a terrific study space, and other student success programs.

CSULB’s College of Business offers MBA programs that allow students to tailor to their specific needs with the help of academic advisors:

The MBA at CSULB is an AACSB-accredited MBA program.

CSULB’s online MBA program is one of the best online MBA programs in California.

The Online MBA program is in partnership with Everspring. Everspring is working with the Academic Technology Services team at CSULB and the College of Business Administration to develop a set of eight online business courses that will engage students meaningfully and improve their overall program experience. This partnership will help online students, especially international students, maximize their MBA experience. 

The fully internal instructional design team at Everspring focuses on collaborating closely with CSULB to provide engaging, practical online courses that adhere to best practices in online learning pedagogy. Everspring supplements the university’s internal resources by stepping in as needed or offering full-service help for instructional design and course creation.

Argyros School of Business and EconomicsChapman University

Argyros School of Business and Economics

Chapman University was the first school ever to hold classes on a boat. Semester at Sea, founded at Chapman University in 1965 and formerly known as the University of the Seven Seas and the World Campus Afloat, has sent thousands of students and educators to ports in countries including South Africa, China, Singapore, and many others. The Semester at Sea program exemplifies Chapman’s dedication to assisting students in developing into well-rounded thought leaders and global citizens. 

Chapman today has over 9,000 students online and on-campus in Orange, California. Chapman has eleven colleges that provide high-quality education for students seeking a degree, one of which is the Argyros School of Business and Economics. According to reviews, Chapman University holds the most friendly students and faculties. 

The Argyros School of Business and Economics offers several MBA programs:

The MBA program at Chapman University is accredited by AACSB.

Chapman University is one of the few universities to create partnerships with other universities to offer MBA students a broad and more extensive curriculum. One of their university partners is the Anglo-American University; hence, the Prague MBA program.

Prospective students can complete their degree in Prague, a known cultural and financial hub. Students in the program will focus on strategy development, execution, and evaluation. 

84% of the Argyros School of Business and Economics graduates of 2019 found employment within 90 days of graduation. Most of these students are employed in the country’s biggest firms, such as Bank of America, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs.

Haas School of BusinessUniversity of California, Berkeley

Haas School of Business

UC Berkeley is the second oldest business school in the United States, establishing popular MBA program courses in 1989, which makes the university one of the certified and tested business schools. UC Berkeley has over 40,000 students, thanks to the school’s cutting-edge business research facilities. 

International leaders appreciate the outstanding faculty, which includes two Economics Nobel Laureates. Students can look forward to them as role models because they have received prizes for their groundbreaking research in knowledge management, behavior finance, and game theory.

Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley is one of the most extensive business schools in the country. Three MBA programs are offered at Berkeley Haas, each of which helps students become business leaders:

Haas School of Business is accredited by AACSB. 

Students interested in extending networks abroad best fit the Haas School of Business. On top of having experienced instructors and Nobel Laureates, Haas offers the best worldwide business perspective. MBA students have access to various foreign possibilities, including spending a semester abroad, going on study abroad programs, and working as international consultants.

The Haas School of Business is one of the most diverse schools, enrolling students from 40 countries. Each student can learn about international business organizations, competitions, fellowship opportunities, and experience world-class research facilities.

Through the Global MBA exchange program, students wishing to study abroad can study at prestigious business schools in other progressive countries, such as Spain, France, Hongkong, and England. 

Anderson School of Management University of California, Los Angeles

Anderson School of Management 

The University of California Los Angeles is the second-oldest UC system campus that hosts more than 45,000 students. The 419-acre campus of UCLA is located approximately five miles from the Pacific Ocean at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains. UCLA develops science, responds to urgent societal issues, and builds a university rich with various viewpoints where everyone can succeed. 

UCLA’s Anderson School of Management is one of the top schools that enhance students’ knowledge in technology to solve real business issues. UCLA offers four MBA programs that allow students to customize their degree by choosing concentrations and taking classes on-campus:

The MBA programs at Anderson School of Management are accredited by AACSB. 

UCLA provides one of the best student services, including access to valued networks of faculties, alums, and students from different fields. The university offers broad networking and learning opportunities, from technology to banking and finance.

Additionally, UCLA graduates have access to options for lifetime learning, including services for finding a job tailored to their specializations.

Job placement opportunities are big on-campus as bigshot companies, such as Google and BCG, hire MBA graduates. This is mainly due to the real-world master’s thesis that UCLA’s MBA students complete. An applied research management program and a business creation option are the two divisions of this thesis. 

Through global immersion and popular MBA program courses, global management electives, and/or applied management research, students can also complete a worldwide requirement. As these graduates grow in their jobs, they can also connect to a network of professionals in the alum community.

Knauss School of BusinessUniversity of San Diego

Knauss School of Business

Established in 1949 or years after the Great Depression, the University of San Diego is now home to more than 8,000 students enrolled on-campus, and at least 3,000 are graduate students. 

USD has seven campuses that offer online and on-campus degrees, including MBA programs at the Knauss School of Business. The campus location comprises many different cultures, creating a multiethnic tapestry reflected in the local architecture and festivals.

Students’ boundaries are widened, leading to an inclusive and improved worldview when they immerse themselves in everything to study and experience in the area.

Knauss School of Business offers Full-Time MBAPart-Time MBA, and MBA Dual Degrees:

Knauss School of Business at USD is accredited by AACSB.

Knauss School of Business offers study-abroad programs that allow MBA students to travel to different countries, such as Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, to explore business diversity. This study abroad option helps students create a network for themselves and make job hunting more manageable.

Additionally, the Knauss School of Business encourages students to mingle alums with businesses and executive-level positions in the industry. These alums are a fusion of forward-thinking corporate executives and goodwill advocates.

Most of the alums you’ll meet have traveled the globe and met with prominent personalities. Some also have experience providing creative options for street-bound impoverished children, displayed at TEDx, and even winning the ABC show Shark Tank.

Gary Anderson Graduate School of ManagementUniversity of California Riverside

Gary Anderson Graduate School Of Management

University of California Riverside

The University of California Riverside was the first public university to provide all students with gender-neutral housing. UCR also houses the first Middle Eastern Student Center in the country. In addition to these creative assistance initiatives, UCR is the first UC college to provide a Ph.D. in Native American history. 

UCR offers hundreds of degree programs on its main campus, which occupies 1,900 acres in a Riverside suburb, while a satellite campus in Palm Desert has 20 acres and has over 22,000 students on-campus and online. The campus has one of the most vibrant student life, allowing students to connect through various and endless school activities. 

The A. Gary Anderson Graduate School Of Management is one of the colleges of UCR. This college offers two MBA programs:

A. Gary Anderson Graduate School Of Management is accredited by AACSB.

MBA programs at UCR are designed to help students prepare for the business world using STEM knowledge. International students prefer this MBA degree since they are given at least 36 months of Optional Practical Training to work in the country after graduation. This opportunity provides international students more time to process working Visas. 

Furthermore, UCR does not require students to submit Graduate Management Admission Test scores to show support for the pandemic we’re facing right now. Additionally, the school is one of the best to offer financial aid opportunities to needy students. 

UC Davis Graduate School of ManagementUniversity of California Davis

University of California Davis Graduate School of Management

A law passed in 1905 by the State Legislature created the University of California, Davis campus. The university has 41,158 students enrolled on-campus and online, and 7,272 graduate students. 

UC Davis has four academic colleges that offer world-class learning and research opportunities to students with different specializations. The Graduate School of Management at UC Davis is one of the reasons why this school is famous in the business sector. 

The Graduate School of Management offers these MBA programs:

The Graduate School of Management at UC Davis is accredited by AACSB.

MBA students can choose one of eight concentrations upon choosing which MBA program they’ll pursue: Business Analytics, Finance, Marketing Strategy and Analytics, Strategic Management, Organizational Leadership, Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, and Product Management.

While the MBA program requires students to complete quantitative foundation courses, those with exponential experience in business are not obliged to take the foundational classes. 

UC Davis helps students collaborate with other Graduate School of Management members through the school’s Integrated Management Project and Articulation and Critical Thinking program. The IMPACT curriculum requires collaboration to develop strategic solutions for clients, who include Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 companies. It also involves developing a solid knowledge and skill base and honing communication, writing, and critical thinking skills.

College of Business & EconomicsCalifornia State University East Bay

California State University East Bay

California State University East Bay is a public university in Hayward, CA, established in 1957 and first held classes in 1959 with only 300 students. Today, Cal State East Bay has over 13,000 students seeking degrees from undergraduate to graduate levels. 

In addition to its main campus in Hayward, Cal State East Bay also has satellite campuses in Concord and Oakland, which are located over the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. More than 60 years ago, the university became a member of the California State University system.

The Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Cal State East Bay as one of the most diverse four-year public colleges on the American mainland due to its unusually diversified student body.

The College of Business & Economics at Cal State East Bay allows MBA degree seekers to pursue one of the following degrees: One-year Intensive MBAExecutive MBA for global innovators, and MBA with concentrations. Concentrations include:

The College of Business & Economics at Cal State East Bay is AACSB-accredited. 

These MBA programs focus on business diversity, giving students extensive knowledge about worldwide business conflicts. Students planning to travel abroad are best advised to enroll in the executive MBA. 

Each program has a different campus and operates on a different schedule. However, candidates for any MBA program at Cal State East Bay must possess a four-year undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Additionally, international students must achieve minimum TOEFL or IELTS scores. 

Cal Poly Pomona College of Business AdministrationCalifornia Polytechnic State University Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration

California Polytechnic State University Pomona is a public polytechnic university established in 1938. The main areas of study at polytechnic universities are the technical arts and applied sciences. However, Cal Poly Pomona also has an MBA degree ranked one of the best in Cali.

Cal Poly Pomona offers one of the most affordable housing options, including standard dorms, residential suites, and university residences for more than 3,500 students. The Cal Poly Pomona Foundation also offers reasonably priced off-campus housing options for teachers and employees. The school is also known as a party school. 

The Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration offers an MBA program that emphasizes these topics:

  • Data Analytics and Modeling
  • Accounting and Managerial Decisions
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Marketing Management Applications
  • Information Systems Seminar
  • Strategic Management

Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration’s MBA program is accredited by AACSB

Working students or busy adult students are the perfect fit for this MBA program. Non-traditional students can increase their knowledge and skills in business without disrupting their busy schedules.

Lectures take place in the evenings and on the weekends, and coursework is delivered in a hybrid approach that combines online learning with on-campus requirements. 

Every MBA student must pass a comprehensive exam or a business research project to graduate.

Fowler College Of BusinessSan Diego State University

Fowler College Of Business

San Diego State University is a public research university renowned for providing possibilities for transformational research, sustainability and entrepreneurship programs, global experiences, and various leadership roles. SDSU has a student enrollment of up to 40,000 yearly, including 4,000 graduate students. 

SDSU is composed of seven distinct colleges, one of which is the Fowler College Of Business, Both their first and second years at the institution, all first-year applicants from outside the SDSU local admissions area must live on campus. The Weber Honors College also mandates that all local students spend their first year living on campus.

The Fowler College Of Business offers these full-time MBAs and part-time MBA programs:

Fowler College Of Business is accredited by AACSB

MBA programs at SDSU are all suitable for busy working students seeking to expand their field knowledge. Students can also apply for internships at fortune 500 companies with the help of the school’s alums and faculty.

Additionally, MBA students are encouraged to participate in fellowship programs to broaden their networks. 

San Diego State University’s MBA program has produced workers for HP, Bank of America, and San Diego Gas & Electric. The school also allows students to study or prepare for other professional degrees while earning an MBA. 

Rady School of ManagementUniversity of California San Diego

Rady School of Management

Using state financing, a grant from General Dynamics, and a gift from the city of 63 acres of pueblo land to the northeast of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the University of California, San Diego, was founded in 1960. With over 40,000 students enrolled today, UCSD is one of California’s most respected colleges.

UCSD is located in the urban area of San Diego, where students are allowed to have vibrant Greek life. UCSD is known to have many campus parties yearly, including fairs, bonfires at Black’s Beach or La Jolla Shores, college-specific activities, and other occasions. Students can discover even more social options by visiting UCSD Center for Student Involvement.

Rady School of Management is one of the seven UCSD colleges. The college offers these MBA programs: 

Rady School of Management is AACSB-accredited. 

Students receive unwavering attention from the school’s faculty members with years of professional experience in different business sectors. The faculty continuously looks for new business theories and techniques to incorporate into their research and instruction.

While the MBA curriculum is comprehensive, faculty members are sure to help students with their coursework by providing individual study projects, extra review sessions, and MBA coffee hours both within and outside the classroom.

One of the unique things about this MBA program is the availability of a non-profit accelerator program. The StartR Rady offers services to entrepreneurs to launch their businesses through free training and coaching. Teams deliver their pitches to various investors and industry professionals at the program’s completion.

UCSF School of ManagementUniversity of San Francisco

UCSF School of Management

St. Ignatius Academy, the precursor to the University of San Francisco, was established by Jesuits in 1855. The institution received a state charter in 1859 and was given collegiate status. It was San Francisco’s first higher education establishment.

While the university is located in the most expensive state in the United States, it is a great place to learn while having a lot of fun. USFCA offers abundant resources, such as the massive library and online library database, as well as a myriad of extracurricular educational events, making it easy for new students to become immediately immersed in academia.

Additionally, the campus location allows students to explore different kinds of business and get ideas for their capstone projects. 

USFCA School of Management at USF offers these full-time(STEM), part-time, dual degree, and executive MBAs:

UCSF School of Management is accredited by AACSB

Students in the MBA program will gain a global business perspective through USFCA’s curriculum that promotes diversity, social justice, and cultural sensitivity. Whichever program you select, you will develop a Jesuit academic tradition-infused education adaptable to the corporate, public, and non-profit sectors.

Additionally, MBA grads are granted a 36-month OPT period (Optional Practical Training). Potential employers do not have to sponsor you for an H1B visa for up to three years, thanks to the extension of your OPT by an extra 24 months.

Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School

Hult is more than just a non-profit business school; it is a vibrant, multiracial community that cultivates, inspires, and connects some of the brightest business minds on the planet. By employing learning-by-doing experiences, Hult turns the traditional educational model on its head by transforming students’ skill sets from the moment they enroll in their program into those of excellent businesspeople by the time they graduate.

Hult International Business School has Boston, San Francisco, London, and Dubai campuses. They also have elective campuses in New York and Shanghai. Hult is one of the best schools that offers student exchange programs, enabling students to travel to different locations to learn about business diversity. 

Hult in California offers these MBA degree programs:

Business programs at Hult International Business School are AACSB-accredited.

According to the school, business students need extensive global business knowledge to succeed. The programs teach students to thrive in local and international business environments and how to take advantage of every situation. They are immersed in a melting pot of 141 nationalities throughout a global campus network. 

Students get to work with peers from around the world, allowing them to create a worldwide network—possible partners, investors, and contacts are all around them. Hult’s area of expertise is assisting overseas students in locating jobs abroad. 450 businesses in 75 other nations hired graduates from the 2020 Hult class.

Lucas Graduate School of BusinessSan José State University

Lucas Graduate School of Business

San José State is exceptional for its long racial and ethnic diversity history, support for first-generation student populations, and student civil rights activity.

The Minns Evening Normal School, which is now known as San José State University, was first founded in San Francisco in 1857. SJSU has over 40,000 students enrolled.

San Jose State University has nine colleges, including the Lucas Graduate School of Business. Students are taught to learn inside and outside the classroom. This means that students are encouraged to engage in social interactions with peers, giving back to the community, and through acts of production, recreation, and cohabitation.

Lucas Graduate School of Business offers these MBA programs:

Lucas Graduate School of Business is accredited by AACSB International. 

The Early Career and MBA for Professional programs are offered in two learning formats, allowing you to choose and create your own schedule and tailor your curriculum based on your interests. Another great thing about this MBA program is the financial aid offers you get once you’re admitted. 

All academic backgrounds are welcome to apply to the MBA programs at the Lucas Graduate School. Macroeconomics, microeconomics, and statistics, with a minimum grade of B, are the two required preparatory courses.

Leavey School of BusinessSanta Clara University

Leavey School of Business

Established in 1851, Santa Clara University is one of the oldest higher learning in California. The Ohlone people, who lived from the San Francisco Bay to the lower Salinas Valley, owned the university’s territory. SCU has changed and grown in numerous ways since it opened its doors. Currently, the school has over 10,000 students enrolled. 

Santa Clara has six schools and colleges, including the Leavey School of Business, that embrace the ideals of skill, conscience, and compassion. SCU is ranked by PayScale in the top 5 institutions with the highest-paid graduates and has one of the greatest four-year graduation rates in the country. SCU has produced four Rhodes Scholars and a high caliber of Fulbright Scholars.

Leavey School of Business offers these MBA degree programs:

Leavey School of Business is accredited by AACSB

Your transition from a professional to a Silicon Valley professional will be facilitated by a degree from the SCU Leavey School of Business (SVP). According to the school, an SVP lets employers know you can go above and beyond what is expected of you. You’ll have the abilities and tenacity to bring about change in your field and for your employer, as well as the ethics and compassion to positively impact your community. 

Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics

School of Business and Economics - Sonoma State University

Sonoma State University was established by law enacted in 1960. In rented Rohnert Park facilities, classes began with 274 students in the fall of 1961. After Stevenson and Darwin Halls for the classrooms were finished, the campus moved to its final location on 215 acres in 1966 and now enrolls over 10,000 students annually. 

Sonoma State is a small school with great ambitions, situated one hour north of San Francisco in California’s renowned wine region. Sonoma State University has six schools, including the School of Business and Economics, which houses one of the best MBA programs in California. 

The School of Business and Economics at SSU offers these MBA programs:

The School of Business and Economics at SSU is accredited by AACSB

The flexible course schedule for these MBA degrees is intended for today’s busy working people. On-campus MBA students have the skills to synthesize and deliver analysis for managerial problem-solving through business intelligence and data analytics experience guided by experienced faculty members.

Graduate students enrolled in the program can earn their degrees in two years of part-time study or one year of full-time study. Students are encouraged to study with other accomplished professionals. They bring a wealth of knowledge from their extensive global perspectives of the opportunities and difficulties faced by company executives globally in both home and international markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does California have good colleges and universities?

California is home to many of the best universities in the nation. Some of the top public universities in the country, like UCLA and Berkeley, are part of the UC System. The California State University System, which has 23 campuses and about 485,550 students enrolled, is also located in the state.

What is the biggest factor in California’s GDP?

Taxation, labor, and services are three of California’s most significant sources of income. In California, the service industry is the most important economic sector. A reliable source of income is tourism. The state’s territory is protected as recreational areas, national seashores, or wildlife refuges, accounting for more than one-fourth of its total area.

How much does an AACSB-accredited MBA program in California cost?

The price of MBA programs in California varies per institution. Program format, school type, and tuition rate are all variables that affect pricing (in-state or out-of-state). To discover affordable MBA programs, candidates often select public colleges where they may pay in-state tuition.

Online MBA programs can help students save money by allowing them to work while in school and requiring them to take out fewer loans. Numerous distance learning programs also provide in-state students tuition breaks, offer ways for students to finish more rapidly, and offer free online textbooks.

Who are the top MBA Employers in California?

Business professionals have several options to work at various levels in California. While Hollywood and the music industry flourish because movie stars, filmmakers, and recording artists live in and around Los Angeles, Silicon Valley was created due to technological advancements. The largest employers in the state of California are:

  1. Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
  2. Nestle USA
  3. The University of California, Los Angeles
  4. 32nd St Naval Station
How much does an MBA make in California?

The average yearly salary for the MBA job category in California is $84,819 . 

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