25 Fastest Growing MBA Jobs Over The Next Decade

Prospective MBA students turn their sites toward Master’s of Business Administration programs in order to fast-track their career into business management. But which industries and positions will be most in need of MBA graduates? Let’s look at the fastest growing MBA jobs over the next decade. Considering a list of the fastest growing MBA jobs enables individuals to make informed decisions about their career paths, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and position themselves competitively in the evolving job market.

This MBA job list considers the careers the Bureau of Labor Statistics listed as having some of the highest employment percent change from 2022 to 2032. It focuses on which jobs will be seeing the highest percentage of growth in the coming years. While each of these jobs might not need or require an MBA, each of these sectors will be growing at a high rate and will need trained and educated leaders with a strong foundation of business management.

Considering a list of the fastest growing MBA jobs over the next decade can be highly beneficial for career planning. Professionals can consider job security, salary potential, skill development, networking opportunities, and entrepreneurial opportunities to help them plan for their future.

Fastest Growing MBA Jobs

BLS Occupation Title & CodeEmployment Percent Change, 2022-20322023 Median Annual WageMBA DegreeExample
Wind turbine service technicians
44.9%$61,770MBA in Energy & SustainabilityNorthwestern University
Nurse practitioners
44.5%$126,260MBA in Nursing Health CareUniversity of Louisiana at Monroe
Data Visualization Developer
35.2%$108,020MBA in Predictive Analytics & Data VisualizationDavenport University
31.6%$104,110MBA in Data AnalyticsOklahoma City University
Computer Security Specialist
31.5%$120,360MBA in Cybersecurity ManagementUniversity of West Florida
Medical and health services managers
28.4%$110,680MBA in Healthcare ManagementUniversity of Pennsylvania
Software developers
25.7%$132,270MBA in Software DevelopmentMaryville University
23.2%$120,000MBA in Risk Management & InsuranceUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Computer Scientist
22.7%$145,080MBA in Computer ScienceCampbellsville University
Operations research analysts
22.5%$83,640MBA in Operations ManagementCarnegie Mellon University
Equine Veterinarian
19.7%$119,100MBA in Equine ManagementMidway University
Bank Compliance Officer
19.5%$84,300MBA in Banking and FinanceCalifornia Intercontinental University
18.3%$79,400MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics ManagementOregon State University
Health Informatics Specialist
16.5%$62,990MBA in Health InformaticsFayetteville State University
Financial managers
16.0%$156,100MBA in Financial ManagementNorth Central College
Computer and information systems managers
15.4%$169,510MBA in Management Information SystemsNew Jersey Institute of Technology
Athletic trainers
14.1%$57,930MBA in Health and Human Performance/Sports ManagementFort Hays State University
Market Research Analyst
13.4%$74,680MBA in Marketing AnalyticsUniversity of Washington
Biomedical Electronics Technician
13.2%$60,670MBA in Biotechnology IndustryNortheastern University
Certified Financial Planner
12.8%$99,580MBA in Financial PlanningUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley
11.1%$61,750MBA in Arts AdministrationSouthern Utah University
Community Mental Health Social Worker
10.6%$55,960MBA in Human and Social Services LeadershipMount Vernon Nazarene University
Database architects
10.0%$134,700MBA in Data ScienceOklahoma State University
Cargo and freight agents
9.7%$48,330MBA in Port ManagementLamar University
Management analysts
9.7%$99,410MBA in Business AnalyticsUniversity of North Texas
Data from for employment percent change and median annual wage.

Why Pursue an MBA?

Professionals pursue MBA degrees for many different reasons, but the power of this program is to fast-track professionals’ upward mobility into business management. This list of the fastest growing MBA jobs over the next decade helps MBA students and professionals plan their careers strategically. By focusing on roles projected to grow rapidly, individuals can align their skills, experiences, and education to meet future demands in the job market.

Jobs that are growing rapidly are often in industries and sectors that are expanding or undergoing transformation. Choosing a career in one of these fields can provide greater job security and reduce the risk of unemployment or career stagnation.

Some of the fastest growing MBA jobs may be in emerging fields or industries where entrepreneurial ventures thrive. This knowledge can inspire MBA graduates to explore entrepreneurial opportunities or start their own businesses in high-growth areas.

What Type of MBA Jobs Pay the Most?

fastest growing MBA jobs

Rapidly growing industries often offer competitive salaries and benefits to attract talent. By targeting the fastest growing MBA jobs, MBA graduates can potentially secure higher-paying positions compared to employment in slower-growing or declining industries.

Understanding which jobs are on the rise can guide MBA students in developing relevant skills and competencies. They can tailor their coursework, internships, and networking efforts to build expertise that is in demand by employers in these growth sectors.

How Do Students Choose an MBA?

There are many important factors when choosing an MBA program. Students prioritize location, cost, format, curriculum, prestige, and ROI, to name a few. The great news is that there are so many MBA programs to choose from. There are on-campus, online, and hybrid formats. Degrees range from $10,000 to $100,000 in tuition. Specializations range from equine management to computer science.

One way to look at return on investment is to consider which careers and sectors will have the most demand in the future. Check out our MBA Career Outlook Index for more information about MBA careers. If you are trying to find the best degree for you, look through our resources on MBA degree programs and specializations.

Each student has the chance to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. We hope that this list of the fastest growing MBA jobs over the next decade will assist you in enhancing your talent stack.