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One of the best ways to compete today is to obtain a college degree and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to take on administrative responsibilities in the healthcare industry. While a healthcare management degree at the undergraduate level qualifies you for entry-level jobs, only a master’s degree will qualify you for high-paying positions. 

Online degree candidates have 24/7 access to their course materials and lectures, which fits their busy schedules. When you can log in to your classes from the comfort of your home anytime, working a full-time job or taking care of your family is easier. Future healthcare managers can learn the technical skills required to preserve electronic health records from online MBA programs.

At a Glance

Planning, directing, and coordinating the provision of high-quality patient care services are the main objectives of healthcare administration, a rapidly expanding management discipline. Health managers are crucial to maintaining the efficient and secure operation of our nation’s medical institutions and healthcare facilities in compliance with the most current legislative requirements.

Because of the aging baby boomer generation, there is a greater need for medical services. By 2031, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the area of healthcare management will have expanded by at least 28%. Health services managers with the knowledge and abilities required to handle the business operations of various types of healthcare organizations are expected to receive an additional 133,200 positions.

Earning an MBA with a healthcare management concentration will provide healthcare professionals with the education and skills necessary for upper-level and well-paying positions.

Some business schools allow students to combine on-campus and online learning into a unique hybrid model with flexibility and a hands-on learning experience. Hybrid MBA in healthcare management programs combines an easy-to-use online curriculum with a few campus visits for in-person engagement to provide the best of both worlds.

The strategic governance of a healthcare institution or setting is taught through the online MBA in Healthcare Management. This MBA in healthcare administration, focusing on clinical governance, emphasizes the accountability framework while emphasizing essential aspects of health policy, models, governance, organizational culture, ethical concerns, and more. Online students will learn to examine existing medical practices in terms of a clinical effectiveness assessment and evidence-based decision-making.

The Online MBA in Healthcare Management also includes topics on public health concerns, health policy, and the public’s role in influencing health policies. Students will also learn a political vision and how to turn it into a practical, workable policy that benefits the public, patients, and employees, along with developing patient-centered, adaptable, and responsive health solutions. The online MBA in healthcare management also includes aspects of public health and the significance of the requirement for patient involvement at all stages of the care process.

The 20 Cheapest Online MBA in Healthcare Management Programs

Online healthcare MBA programs from prestigious colleges and universities come with a high price tag. Luckily, many online business schools can offer the same quality of education at a lower cost.

Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg State University

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Fitchburg State University offers an inexpensive online MBA in Healthcare Management designed for those already working in the medical field. This online healthcare management MBA helps working professionals obtain the necessary administrative acumen to advance their careers and open more high-level positions in the medical field as administrators or managers. Graduate students in this online MBA will receive specialized training that will enable them to collect, evaluate, and secure both digital and paper-based medical data. 

This online MBA program aims to help students gain competency and become relevant to healthcare. Through concentration courses, students will learn how to apply managerial leadership, communication, and motivation, in addition to knowing the legal aspects of all healthcare settings. There are three concentration courses available:

  • Policy, Legal and Ethical Issues
  • Healthcare Management
  • Financial Issues in Healthcare

Fitchburg State University’s healthcare management online MBA with accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education is taught by the same on-campus faculty. The curriculum of this online healthcare MBA program uses the most current methods of organizational workflow and information management technology. Additionally, online students will be allowed to participate in on-campus activities and meet the faculty and other students, allowing them to create a professional network.

University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina

Pembroke, North Carolina

The University of North Carolina – Pembroke has an affordable MBA in healthcare management program online to help working professionals raise their administrative capacities without leaving their current jobs or homes. The online MBA in Healthcare Management at UNC Pembroke offers a curriculum that improves current healthcare administrators’ business acumen and allows them to meet the demand for upper-level positions. Through the school’s rigorous healthcare administration concentration, students will graduate with the capacity to deal with the complex operations of the expanding healthcare industry.

To help students enhance their knowledge about business administration in the health industry, UNC Pembroke’s online MBA in healthcare management will require students to complete three concentration courses:

  • Health Administration and Organization
  • Legal and Ethical Issues for Healthcare Professionals
  • Health Economics

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke’s online MBA in healthcare management, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited business program, provides students with a devoted industry-experienced faculty committed to helping students get ready for mid to upper-level positions. With electives in subjects like entrepreneurship and business analytics, students in UNC Pembroke’s online program in healthcare administration MBA can also specifically target their studies to professional aspirations. The opportunity to take elective courses on top of their concentration courses makes graduates even more competitive in the business and healthcare industry. 

Lamar University

Lamar University

Beaumont, Texas

Lamar University offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Administration created to help students reach their goals as efficient healthcare administrators. Lamar’s online MBA in healthcare administration is a rigorous graduate degree that requires students to complete graduate-level coursework to have the specialized knowledge and management skills they need to become efficient managers in health services organizations and manage people from various backgrounds.

This online MBA degree will also help students have in-depth knowledge about financing, administration, and healthcare provision. Learners are given a chance to select two to three of the following concentration courses:

This online MBA in health care administration understands that not all students want to focus on the same concentration courses. As a result, students are given a chance to select two to three of the following concentration courses:

  • Healthcare Economics
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare Strategy
  • Healthcare Policy and Finance

Lamar University’s online MBA in healthcare administration, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited program, is taught by the same on-campus faculty with years of experience in administrative tasks in the healthcare industry. This online MBA allows students to further customize their degree by choosing an additional healthcare administration elective if they only select two concentration courses: Employment Law, Personal Leadership, Team Leadership, Planning, and Organizing Healthcare Delivery, Directing and Controlling Healthcare Delivery, or Human Resources Management.

Liberty University

Liberty University 

Lynchburg, Virginia

Liberty University offers one of the most affordable online healthcare MBA programs designed to improve the business acumen of those already working in the healthcare industry. Liberty’s online MBA in Healthcare Management will equip students with the real-world business knowledge necessary to maintain the efficiency of any healthcare facility through a curriculum that delves deep into business operations and healthcare. Additionally, students enrolled in the healthcare management specialization will still have a comprehensive overview of the different business areas and how they interact.

Liberty University’s online MBA in healthcare management aims to equip students with all the skills and knowledge they need to become efficient health services managers. Students will be required to complete the following featured courses of the MBA in healthcare management specialization:

  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Managing Human Capital in Healthcare
  • Operations Management

The online MBA in healthcare management at Liberty University, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, gives students access to a wide range of resources and materials that will help them throughout their MBA journey. Additionally, students will have more personalized attention from their faculty, who have experience working in various healthcare settings.

Western Governors University

Western Governors University

Raleigh, North Carolina

Western Governor University offers an outstanding online MBA program in Healthcare Management. However, unlike other online programs, WGU does not confer degrees based on completing a specific number of credit hours or a particular list of prerequisite courses. Instead, students will prove their abilities, expertise, and comprehension of key ideas to receive their degree. This online MBA degree is truly one of the most unique online MBA in healthcare management degrees. 

The online MBA in healthcare management helps students advance their current positions by giving them the necessary skills and information about the healthcare industry and how it relates to business. The RHIA® certification test and the CompTIA Project+ certification are both available as additional benefits of this curriculum. Additionally, students will be required to complete two unique healthcare management courses:

  • Accreditation Audit
  • Service Line Development

Western Governors University’s online MBA in Healthcare Management, approved by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Program, provides students with Program Mentors each term to help them build a degree plan. By the end of the program, MBA students should meet the capstone project requirement and demonstrate their capability by solving a hypothetical business problem. This comprehensive degree requirement will test your expertise and marketability for advanced roles. It will also boost your confidence when applying for upper-level positions. 

The University of Texas

The University of Texas

Tyler, Texas

The University of Texas – Tyler delivers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Management designed for students who want to formalize their strategic business expertise and those who wish to advance into leadership roles. This online MBA in healthcare management offers students a comprehensive curriculum that enables them to understand the American healthcare system while focusing on the business aspects of the healthcare industry. Additionally, this online MBA program will allow students to stay updated with organizational practices to governmental changes and learn about controlling costs while maintaining patient care.

To help students address current issues like the impact of managed care on industry trends as well as the role of cultural, sociological, and psychological factors on consumers’ healthcare decisions, the MBA in healthcare management online has three concentration courses offered:

  • Special Topics in Healthcare Management
  • Introduction to the American Healthcare Systems
  • Healthcare Marketing in Contemporary Society

The University of Texas – Tyler’s online MBA in Healthcare Management, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited program, has an experienced faculty that will help students develop leadership skills to lead in one of the most complex industries worldwide. Additionally, students will have academic advisors to help them customize their MBA degrees toward their career and education goals.

University of Louisiana

University of Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana

The University of Louisiana – Lafayette’s affordable online MBA in Healthcare Administration qualifies graduates for higher-level health care administration positions. This online health care administration degree gives students in-depth knowledge about the healthcare information systems that affect daily activities in various healthcare settings, healthcare funding sources, analytics, money management, marketing, and economics.

Additionally, this degree will help students apply what they’ve learned throughout the curriculum to various healthcare industries, including professionalism, governance, and medical/staff interactions.

UL Lafayette’s online MBA in health care administration seeks to build on the bachelor’s degree of their prospective MBA students. The curriculum consists of comprehensive core courses and concentration courses. Health care administration concentration courses are:

  • Health Care Information Systems
  • Health Care Delivery Systems
  • Quality Management in Health Care
  • Strategic Management in Health Care

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s online MBA in health care administration, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited program, requires students to complete a six-hour internship course. This degree requirement gives students much practical experience, helping them oversee how healthcare administrators impact patient care. Internships are commonly practiced at various healthcare corporations to help students build their own professional networks.

University of Southern Indiana

University of Southern Indiana

Evansville, Indiana

The University of Southern Indiana offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Administration created to be highly interactive, focusing on critical thinking and leadership abilities, allowing students to apply the teachings and assignments to their day-to-day professional lives. This online healthcare administration degree will thoroughly teach students how to deal with issues arising in healthcare organizations, developing their leadership and communication skills. Additionally, graduate students will have a foundational knowledge of IT management, accounting, and marketing, giving them a better edge for applying for high-paying jobs. 

The MBA in healthcare administration at USI aims to prepare graduate students to become healthcare executives, medical and health services managers, and other leadership roles in the healthcare industry. To better prepare students, they will be required to complete three concentration courses that will teach them how to be resilient and develop efficient decision-making skills:

  • Risk Management
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Lean Six Sigma

The University of Southern Indiana’s online MBA in healthcare administration, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited grad program, has a devoted faculty with years of experience in health administration positions, ready to impart their knowledge and experiences to students. Students can customize their MBA degree through the help and guidance of their academic advisors.

Rivier University

Rivier University

Nashua, New Hampshire

Rivier University offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Administration designed specifically for professionals looking to advance their qualifications and obtain higher positions in public health. Students in the healthcare administration MBA will be equipped with fundamental business knowledge and a solid understanding of subjects in healthcare administration, allowing them to successfully become administrators within health systems operations and managers in medical practices and health services.

In addition to having business and healthcare knowledge, students will learn how to apply business theories and principles to current events on a global scale with a focus on applied learning.

To ensure that students obtain everything they need to become efficient healthcare administrators, they will be required to complete the following concentration courses:

  • Healthcare Finance
  • Organizational Dynamics 
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Healthcare Information Systems 
  • Healthcare Policy: Development and Implications 
  • Compliance and Risk Management in Healthcare Settings
  • Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution 
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Healthcare Law and Ethics 
  • Facilities Planning 
  • Healthcare Marketing Strategies 
  • Strategies of Healthcare Administration 

Rivier University’s online MBA in healthcare administration, with approval from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, offers a highly qualified and diversified faculty and staff to help students understand how business functions are incorporated into complex organizations, different cultural contexts, and the global marketplace. Students will have individual academic counselors to help them make decisions for their MBA degree, such as course scheduling and choosing elective courses. 

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo, Florida

Saint Leo University offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Management created to cater to the educational needs of busy working adult students and help them become professional leaders in the workplace. This healthcare management MBA program offers a rigorous and intensive curriculum that gives students in-depth knowledge about cutting-edge business tactics and strategies complemented by the expanding demands of the modern healthcare sector. These will be followed by an expansion of the fundamentals of business and their application to actual situations. 

To ensure that students learn everything they need to develop the technology and management skills required to seize better job opportunities, they will be required to complete the following concentration courses:

  • Healthcare Organization/Managed Care
  • Community Health Evaluation/Epidemiology
  • Critical Issues in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management
  • Health Policy and Evaluation

Saint Leo University’s online MBA in Healthcare Management has the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs’ seal of approval. It takes pride in the networking and forward-thinking research opportunities it offers to professionals alongside a devoted faculty with years of healthcare management work experience. In addition to an experienced faculty, students at Saint Leo University will develop leadership skills within the university’s core values and traditions.

Regent University

Regent University

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Regent University offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Management designed for students who want to learn about the current business administration and healthcare practices with a curriculum that integrates Christian principles and ideologies.

This online healthcare MBA program helps students develop skills needed for the job market, such as data-driven decision-making skills, finance, and marketing, and how these topics apply to healthcare. Upon graduation, students will have the confidence and skills to land high-paying executive and leadership positions in the healthcare field.

This online MBA with a healthcare concentration aims to equip students with all the necessary information they need to effectively manage the daily complexities of healthcare systems and be able to use key abilities to make important financial decisions. Students will encounter four featured healthcare management courses:

  • Healthcare Policy & Ethics
  • Managing Change in Healthcare Organizations
  • Healthcare Finance
  • Health Care Law

Officially earning the nod of the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, Regent University’s online MBA in Healthcare Management ensures that online students obtain the same education quality as their on-campus counterparts by having the same experienced faculty. Students from different countries offer cultural insights during online discussions, where students also learn how to approach healthcare and business practices from a global perspective.

Husson University

Husson University

Bangor, Maine

Husson University offers a cheap online MBA in Healthcare Management designed to help working professionals fulfill their educational goals without quitting their jobs, allowing them to access coursework 24/7. This online MBA specialization guides students in gaining the necessary and advanced knowledge about business and healthcare, allowing them to pursue executive and leadership roles in one of the most complex industries. Additionally, students will be able to develop communication and leadership skills that will help them lead various healthcare teams.

To help students further customize their MBA in the healthcare management degree program, they will choose three of the following concentration courses:

  • Healthcare Management
  • Legal Environment of Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Managing Quality in Healthcare
  • Global Perspectives on Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management Elective

Husson University’s online MBA in healthcare management, with accreditation from the International Accreditation Council for Business Education, provides students with a faculty that maintains a strong tie with both local and regional healthcare organizations. The school’s faculty serves as one of the best ways for students to create a professional network and get ready for a career that combines the rewarding challenges of business with the life-changing service of healthcare.

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Manchester, New Hampshire

  • Average Cost: $19,000
  • Tuition per credit for online MBA program: $627
  • Units Required: 36 
  • Program Length: 1 year
  • Financial Assistance Options:

Southern New Hampshire University offers an affordable MBA in Healthcare Management available online and designed to teach aspiring healthcare managers and executives the skills necessary to succeed in leadership positions in any healthcare organization. This healthcare management online MBA helps students develop and showcase their knowledge and skills in healthcare through participating in a scenario-based activity, the school’s recently adopted learning style geared towards assisting students with a more hands-on learning experience. During this activity, students will be given a problem and allowed to solve it with teammates, giving them the practical experience they need. 

SNHU’s online MBA in healthcare aims to broaden student understanding of business management theories and processes by focusing on healthcare delivery systems through the following concentration courses:

  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Topics in Health Administration:
  • Social & Organizational Issues in Healthcare

Southern New Hampshire University’s MBA in Healthcare Management, approved by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs, provides students with an experienced faculty that will help them develop healthcare leadership skills and master the daily complexities of large organizations. Upon graduation, students will be well-equipped and ready to become healthcare leaders.

Southern Oregon University

Southern Oregon University

Ashland, Oregon

Southern Oregon University offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Administration designed for working professionals and non-experienced students. This online MBA with a healthcare administration specialization will help business professionals build and apply a strong foundation of business ideas to the healthcare industry and develop strong leadership and management skills. Additionally, students will better grasp the technicalities of managing, putting into practice, and reviewing policies and procedures to make a positive difference in healthcare-related organizations and become proficient with current healthcare administrative trends. 

To help students explore issues existing in the operational and organizational structures of healthcare management and obtain knowledge about the newest technologies in healthcare companies, they will be required to complete three concentration courses:

  • Process Improvement
  • Advanced Health Communication
  • Healthcare in the United States

Southern Oregon University’s online MBA in healthcare administration, an Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs-accredited business degree, have its students learn from an experienced faculty. Additionally, this online MBA program has several start dates each year, helping busy working students enroll at their convenient time. Upon program completion, graduates can research pertinent healthcare issues in the US and evaluate the effects on people.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Technical University offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Management that adheres to industry standards, is up to date, and develops students’ transferable skills to thrive in the competitive business and healthcare industry. This MBA in healthcare management prepares students for strategic planning, deft execution, and critical analysis in their present and future careers by fusing cutting-edge business concepts with the real-world applications of the healthcare industry. With nine start dates a year, this online master of business administration degree is perfect for busy working adults. 

This online MBA in healthcare management offers three concentration courses that will give students an overview and in-depth grasp of today’s healthcare systems to aid students in acquiring the skills required to apply for mid- to upper-level positions:

  • Managing the Healthcare Organization
  • Systems in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Management Capstone

Colorado Technical University’s online MBA in Healthcare Management, an Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs-approved program, has a faculty devoted to helping students achieve their career and educational goals. Additionally, CTU offers one of the best customization features to graduate students. Students can use integrate intellipath® to customize their coursework to level their current knowledge and skills.

Davenport University

Davenport University

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Davenport University offers an affordable online MBA in Health Care Management designed to help students acquire new business management skills and knowledge for the healthcare industry and be able to work in mid to upper-level positions. This online health care management degree trains students to become efficient in managing funds and data in business healthcare roles and gain a firm foundation in ethical and legal principles in health care management. This online health care management MBA also seeks to train students planning to build their own healthcare firms.

Because the program aims to help students advance their careers and operate their own firms, this online health care management option requires students to complete four concentration courses to ensure that they learn everything necessary:

  • Health Care Organizations
  • Healthcare Practice Management
  • Health Care Financial Management
  • Strategic Management in Health Care

Davenport University’s online MBA in health care management is an International Accreditation Council for Business Education-accredited MBA program that offers a rigorous curriculum led by faculty experts, most of whom are doctorate holders. Students will receive practical training from professors still employed in the field, improving their ability to communicate in the language required for business careers in the healthcare industry.

Capella University

Capella University

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Capella University offers an affordable online MBA in Health Care Management that helps students build on their bachelor’s degree to keep up in a fast-paced industry. Through this healthcare management online MBA degree, students will be able to learn methods of effectively negotiating in the healthcare industry and use critical thinking, leadership, operations, marketing, finance, and data analytics skills to propel organizational success. This online MBA program will help students pursue mid-level or senior positions in businesses that work in the healthcare sector. 

There are two available study options: GuidedPath, a structured learning format, or FlexPath, a self-paced learning format. Regardless of what learning format students choose, they will be required to complete three concentration courses:

  • Decision-Making in the Health Care System
  • Analyzing the Health Care Environment
  • Driving Health Care Results

Capella University’s online Health Care Management MBA, with a seal of approval from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs, is sure to meet the unique needs of master students. Aside from a rigorous curriculum, the school provides students with a devoted faculty and staff and various online resources to help them successfully complete their MBA degrees. Experienced professors with excellent credentials and practical experience teach each healthcare management course. These professionals will position students for success.

University of Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts

Amherst, Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst offers an affordable online MBA in Healthcare Administration that blends business and public health courses that closely relate to the healthcare industry, allowing healthcare professionals to break into the healthcare administration market.

This online healthcare administration concentration teaches students how to analyze business operations and procedures in the healthcare system, make strategic plans, incorporate moral principles, and use the innovation process to go from ideation to solution design and implementation to create a better healthcare organization. 

One of the best features of the MBA program at UMass Amherst is the rotating electives. During each term, students will have different electives to choose from. Some of the concentration electives are:

  • Aging, Policy, Politics, and Law
  • Comparative Healthcare System
  • Ethical Issues in Public Health
  • Financial Management of Health Institutions
  • Globalization and Health
  • Health Disparities 
  • Health Economics and Reimbursement
  • Health Program Planning
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Healthcare Organization and Administration
  • Healthcare Quality and Performance Improvement

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s MBA in healthcare administration, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited program, seeks to assist students in competing in one of the most lucrative industries worldwide. With the help of the school’s supportive and experienced faculty, students will have a smooth transition into the business and healthcare industry.

Maryville University

Maryville University

Saint Louis, Missouri

Maryville University offers an affordable online MBA in Health Administration that equips students for leadership roles by broadening their understanding of healthcare systems, teaching them about finance in practice, budgeting and reimbursement models and how to use them, and how to manage within the context of the healthcare sector.

Students in this online MBA concentration will have in-depth knowledge about the development of healthcare systems over time, gain experience navigating executive decision-making scenarios, and analyze managerial issues related to healthcare, such as ethical issues, technological trends, and strategic management.

Students receive the expert knowledge required to land a top administrative position in healthcare with a specialized health administration MBA from Maryville University. To ensure that students stay updated on current trends, the MBA program offers four concentration courses:

  • Healthcare Industry and Its Impact on Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Law, Ethics, and Risk Management
  • Population Health Management 
  • Healthcare Operations

Maryville University’s online MBA in Health Administration, an Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs-approved program, features instructors who are thought leaders in the field and have extensive real-world experience dedicated to assisting students in succeeding outside the classroom. These professionals know what it takes to prepare students for healthcare’s business and administrative side, giving students enough guidance to succeed.

Florida International University

Florida International University

Miami, Florida

Last on the list is Florida International University. The tuition fee might seem expensive, but because admitted MBA students get a 10k merit scholarship, there will be a significant tuition reduction, making it still one of the most affordable online MBAs. FIU’s hybrid MBA in Healthcare helps students gain the necessary leadership and business skills to advance their healthcare careers.

In addition to online courses, students must attend three residencies as part of the program’s graduation requirement. These residences allow students to have more and better proficiency by having multiple certifications throughout the residency. The program covers Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services certification as well as yellow and green belts in Lean Six Sigma (CMS) and the opportunity to have an advanced certificate in Global Healthcare Administration.

Aside from residency requirements, the program offers several concentration courses to boost students’ overall knowledge about business in the healthcare industry. Healthcare courses include:

  • Managerial Decision-Making in Health Economics 
  • Management of Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement
  • Management of Healthcare Organizations – 21st Century 

Florida International University’s online MBA in Healthcare, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited program, allows students to complete their MBA degree in the method that best suits them with the help of world-class and devoted faculty and staff members. Students can submit a research paper on a subject of their choice and finish a Health Policy Analysis Report in the program’s final semester. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find an MBA in Healthcare Management program that is affordable and cost-effective for me?

  • Start by researching online for programs that specialize in MBA in Healthcare Management. Many universities offer MBA programs that specialize in this field.
  • Contact the admissions office of the university to inquire about tuition and fees.
  • Compare tuition and fees at different universities and choose the one that offers the best value.
  • Consider applying for financial aid to reduce the cost of tuition and fees.
  • Look into scholarship programs that offer assistance to students who are pursuing an MBA in Healthcare Management.

Are Healthcare Management roles similar to Healthcare Administration roles?

Healthcare administration and healthcare management are terms that others use interchangeably. Despite sounding almost the same, both have different professional obligations and goals. For one, healthcare administrators frequently play prominent, visible roles in directing the financial activities of their companies. In contrast, healthcare managers often have more specialized yet equally vital responsibilities that require more direct contact with department heads and other staff members.

Here’s how these two titles differ:

Human Resource Management 

Additionally, managers and administrators adopt several strategies for attracting and keeping staff. Healthcare managers typically concentrate on the costs associated with training programs, overall job satisfaction, and the financial effects of staff turnover. Administrators create and coordinate training and retention initiatives based on the specific requirements of each department while working more closely with individual employees.

The Maximization of Employee Performance

Healthcare administrators take a commercial stance when evaluating employee performance. They assess the effectiveness of each department’s daily operations and find ways to optimize earnings. Healthcare managers, on the other hand, interact with staff members more personally and coach them to perform at their best. 

Work Activities Coordination

Healthcare managers are responsible for the top tiers of facility operations as part of their broader organizational-wide duties. Within the boundaries set by management, healthcare administrators shape the finer features of workplace logistics. 

Managing Finances

Healthcare managers and administrators have various responsibilities when it comes to managing the financial aspects of their companies. Managers assess broad budgetary issues, such as evaluating the hospital’s financial statements, whereas administrators frequently check particular department and office budgets in more detail.

What should I expect in a Healthcare Management MBA program?

Online health management MBA programs are challenging but attainable for driven, prepared, and focused individuals.

Attending synchronous online classes, managing greater reading workloads, and keeping up with assignments and projects are the most common challenges of obtaining an online MBA. It could be especially difficult for students who are also working.

Success strategies include time management, self-control, self-motivation, and focusing on the goal. Staying organized and involved can be significantly aided by scheduling study time, preparing a calendar of due dates, participating in class discussions, and scheduling downtime for leisure and self-care.

You can benefit from networking chances now and later on when you seek a promotion or a new career by establishing relationships with classmates, setting up one-on-one meetings with your professors, and taking advantage of internships.

Cheapest Online MBA in Healthcare Management - fact

What does it take to enroll in an MBA in Healthcare Management?

Interested applicants for a Master of Business Administration degree need a bachelor’s degree unless you’re enrolling for a 4+1 program. However, the specific type of bachelor’s degree will vary. But most often, MBA programs in healthcare management do not require students to have a specific healthcare bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree in business from an accredited institution is often the primary requirement for an MBA. 

Aside from a bachelor’s degree from accredited colleges and universities, most business schools will demand that applicants demonstrate their suitability for graduate study. Applicants must take a national GRE or GMAT to prove this. Students can also be required to pass the TOEFL if they are non-native English speakers. The admissions council will use your exam results to decide if you’re a good fit for the MBA program.

While applicants to universities with decentralized models just need to concentrate on program admissions, those to centralized and blended models often need to submit the following to be accepted:

  • Bachelor’s from an accredited school with an average GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • GRE/GMAT scores
  • Prerequisite courses
  • Official transcript

Why obtain an MBA in Healthcare Management instead of a Master’s in Healthcare Management?

Essential duties carried out by healthcare managers and administrators include keeping track of people, managing data, and giving patients the best care possible. An MBA in healthcare management and a Master of Health Administration are likely the options you will have as you research graduate programs.

The MHA is a highly specialized master’s degree choice that concentrates on the requirements, job opportunities, and difficulties particular to the healthcare sector. Students pursuing an MHA are trained in the crucial business principles required to be successful administrators or executives in the healthcare industry. However, unlike an MBA program, all course materials and activities—including projects, case studies, presentations, and exams—will be focused on healthcare.

Compared to an MHA program, the MBA is a generalist degree that gives students a deeper understanding of business procedures and best practices. As a result, having an MBA makes it simpler to move across various industries.

In short, an MBA provides a broader education on general business leadership, whereas an MHA focuses on a particular industry, even though both degrees equip graduates for high-level roles in healthcare. Students seeking healthcare careers and wanting to develop their skill set further with more general management abilities may find earning an MBA in healthcare management or healthcare administration is ideal.

What should students look for when choosing an online Healthcare Management MBA program?

All programs on our list are the cheapest and most affordable accredited online MBAs in Healthcare Management. However, other factors besides the cost and accreditation should be considered when choosing a graduate school. Other important factors include: 


When choosing an online school, choosing one near your area is ideal. While coursework can be done online, many online MBAs in healthcare management require students to complete internship opportunities or residency requirements. It’s ideal if you want to attend on-campus activities and create a professional network.

Course Work 

The curriculum of an MBA program in Healthcare Management should factor into a decision about which school to attend. Common and relevant questions include:

  • What is the educational philosophy of the institution?
  • What methods of instruction do they use?
  • Do they focus on their areas of interest or take electives there?
  • Is employment history taken into account by the program?
  • Is an internship part of the online program?

When addressing these questions, the answers should fit within the knowledge and skill base the potential graduate student most desires.

Academic Support

When choosing an online school, it’s also important to consider academic support. When your courses are online, it can be a little more challenging to find help, but the institution should still provide unending assistance. Whether it’s a technical problem or you need assistance with a specific course, make sure they have people on hand to address your queries or concerns.

What qualities do I need for a career in Healthcare Management?

  • Leadership: Healthcare managers must be able to lead and motivate staff to achieve organizational goals.
  • Communication: Healthcare managers must be able to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, and other departments.
  • Problem-Solving: Healthcare managers must be able to identify and solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Organization: Healthcare managers must be able to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, as well as organize resources and personnel.
  • Analytical Skills: Healthcare managers must be able to analyze data and make informed decisions.
  • Financial Management: Healthcare managers must be knowledgeable about budgeting, financial management, and reimbursement systems.
  • Technology: Healthcare managers must be able to use and understand various healthcare technologies, such as electronic health records, medical imaging systems, and patient monitoring systems.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Healthcare managers must be able to interact with and relate to a variety of people, including patients, families, and healthcare professionals.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Healthcare managers must be familiar with the laws and regulations that govern the healthcare industry.
  • Strategic Thinking: Healthcare managers must be able to develop strategies to achieve an organization’s goals.