The 14 Cheapest Online MBA in Entrepreneurship Schools

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Many people have dreamed of running their own companies and businesses. But many of them are afraid of doing so because they may have witnessed failure in others or within themselves. Building your own business will build up fear and anxiety, especially if you don’t have a strong foundation. Enrolling in the Cheapest Online MBA in Entrepreneurship program is key! 

One of the best ways to start as an entrepreneur is by knowing the ins and outs of businesses and developing the necessary entrepreneurial skills by enrolling in one of the best online MBA programs. Those who obtain an MBA will be able to think quickly and nimbly while recognizing issues and coming up with solutions.

While an Entrepreneurship major is one that thrives on business innovation, whether within a company or managing a start-up of your own, an MBA will teach you the fundamental management skills you need to advance in your career.

However, weighing your selections is crucial because business schools offer different educational experiences. Look for online graduate business programs that offer courses that support your career objectives. Additionally, confirming whether the programs you’re considering offer the complete curriculum online or demand that you attend some classes on campus is a good idea. If you select a school outside of your immediate vicinity, this could be a problem.

Cheapest Online MBA Entrepreneurship - featured

There are some classes you’re sure to take regardless of the curriculum you select, even though coursework frequently varies between colleges, including:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations management

Program-specific modules in entrepreneurship may include the following:

  • Turning to entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise financing
  • Directing an expanding business
  • Roles for innovation
  • Tools for business owners
  • New business formation
  • Social entrepreneurship

During an MBA in Entrepreneurship, you’ll work with business simulators that walk you through the many phases of starting your own company.

Completion times for many online MBA programs in entrepreneurship range between 18 and 24 months. For students that take advantage of the accelerated programs provided at some schools, this time can be reduced by as little as one year. This may not be suited for people with strong professional or personal responsibilities because it demands a more significant course load. The course load can be reduced to just one or two courses per semester if you complete the program part-time. Depending on how many courses are completed, this may dramatically lengthen the time it takes to graduate.

A program’s structure will also affect the completion time. By selecting a cohort structure, students are restricted to one or two start dates per year and must progress through classes as a group. Choosing this structure may result in more networking opportunities and assistance from teachers and fellow students. Programs that allow students to progress through the curriculum at their own pace give more freedom. Online programs with this structure frequently offer different start dates each year and offer lessons in numerous brief bursts to enable possibilities for quicker completion.

An MBA in entrepreneurship can be very expensive, especially from prestigious and private business schools. Luckily, students within a budget can enroll in an accredited MBA program. Here’s a list of the 15 most affordable online MBA programs offering the same caliber of education as their expensive online counterparts.

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The Cheapest Online MBA in Entrepreneurship Schools

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Durant, Oklahoma

With the convenience of an accelerated application-to-start schedule, Southeastern Oklahoma State University’s online MBA in Entrepreneurship program has been designed to prepare online students to create their enterprises from the ground up and lead with competence at a low cost. Prospective students will learn the ins and outs of crafting a unique goal and vision for their future businesses, including effective business and exit plans. And to help online MBA students further, the online MBA program provides rigorous coursework that involves accounting, behavioral management, economics, research, and data analysis.

To help students gain essential skills and knowledge to start their own businesses, the online MBA program features the following concentration courses that give students a broad understanding of how to run a business:

  • Entrepreneurship & New Venture Management
  • Marketing for New Ventures
  • Organizational Health & Conscious Capitalism
  • Scaling the Business

The online MBA in Entrepreneurship at SOSU—approved by the AACSB-Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business—provides students with faculty and staff with years of experience running or managing small and big businesses. The program’s Business school administrators and instructors emphasize connectivity and real-world applications to help students prepare intellectually and socially for their careers and adult life. 

Post University

Post University

Waterbury, Connecticut

Post University offers an affordable online MBA program with a concentration in entrepreneurship for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to obtain the skills to see ideas and execute them to build a successful career. The online MBA in entrepreneurship at Post University teaches students how to evaluate the viability of business projects, create novel commercialization ideas, and obtain new market opportunities. Graduate students will be able to enhance their fundamental business knowledge and pick up transferable skills, which means they can expect a significant return on their investment.

The program aims to prepare online MBA students for real-world applications through the following concentration courses that will give them all the knowledge they need to build their businesses:

  • Acquisitions in new business formation
  • Financial tools for managing innovation
  • Organizational dynamics and effectiveness
  • Strategic integrated marketing communications

Post University’s MBA in entrepreneurship online degree program, as approved by the premier Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs agency, is a project-based program that provides students with world-renowned faculty that will guide them in exploring difficulties that organizations are dealing with today.

University of West Florida

University of West Florida

Pensacola, Florida

The University of West Florida offers one of the most affordable MBA in entrepreneurship online degree programs for graduate students looking to obtain the practical knowledge and skills necessary in creating and managing businesses from planning to execution.

UWF’s online MBA in entrepreneurship helps students learn how to create their own portfolios and integrate fundamentals of finance, marketing strategy organization management, and other business management tasks to have a successful entrepreneurial career. Students enrolled in this MBA in entrepreneurship online program will understand the connection between a specific business and other industries. 

This online MBA in entrepreneurship program help students gain the ability to analyze key components of complicated business situations to pinpoint the issue and develop workable solutions and recommendations through the following concentration courses:

  • Venture Development
  • New Ventures
  • Small Business Management Consulting

UWF’s online MBA in entrepreneurship program is approved by the AACSB-Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. It is a supportive faculty that guides students in obtaining practical knowledge of organizational behavior, market dynamics, and company strategy.

Through the school’s student resources, online MBA students will learn how to build connections with colleagues, shareholders, and clients that will help develop their businesses from the ground and up. If you’re a working professional or someone who has already started their own small business, this MBA with an entrepreneurship concentration will help you advance your career or expand your business.

Concordia University

Concordia University - Wisconsin

Mequon, Wisconsin

Concordia University at Wisconsin offers an affordable online MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship designed for people working in organizations who desire to innovate inside or outside their organizations by developing new ideas, using frameworks, and responding to the changing environment as entrepreneurs. This MBA in entrepreneurship degree assists students in comprehending the difficulties and possibilities that may arise while starting or developing new business ventures or managing a time of change within an enterprise. The curriculum covers a wide range of knowledge areas and focuses on the particular needs of innovators who may be trying to commercialize an idea effectively.

To help students create a blueprint for their organization’s organic, profitable, and sustainable growth to help it disrupt markets and expand, they will be able to choose four of the following concentration courses:

  • Social Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Research and Intelligence
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Intellectual Property and Regulatory Issues
  • New Venture Formation and Business Development

Concordia University, Wisconsin’s online MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship program allows graduate students to learn in an environment with experienced faculty and a diverse student body that will give them exposure to diverse viewpoints. In this AACSB or Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited graduate program, students present their own ideas and receive free business coaching. 

Cedarville University

Cedarville University

Cedarville, Ohio

Cedarville University offers an affordable online MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship degree designed to help graduate students gain advanced knowledge and skills in business innovation underpinned by a Biblical perspective. This online MBA in entrepreneurship is taught in a cohort-based methodology, considered the best program structure for students with other life obligations. Students will undergo rigorous coursework investigating the intersections of design, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and sustainable business modeling, which will help them cultivate a leadership attitude and address the complex opportunities in today’s competitive economy.

Students have four concentration courses:

  • Business Modeling and New Venture Creation
  • Creativity to Entrepreneurship
  • Design Thinking Principles for Innovation
  • Emerging Trends and Opportunities for Innovation

Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs-approved, Cedarville University’s online MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship covers the principles of business as well as the entrepreneurial knowledge required to start and run new business ventures. The same on-campus instructor teaches the online program in cooperation with the International Center for Creativity in Columbus, Ohio.

National Louis University

National Louis University

Chicago, Illinois

National Louis University offers an affordable online MBA in Entrepreneurship degree designed to give busy working students the business education they need to develop, launch, and grow existing and new businesses. This online MBA in entrepreneurship degree gives students important foundational information and valuable insights into business administration that will equip them with the abilities to handle difficult business issues, whether managing operational cash, managing employee relationships, or establishing an organizational framework through a business plan.

This online MBA in entrepreneurship aims to help students become more confident in running or expanding a business. As a result, students will explore three concentration courses:

  • Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Innovation
  • Small Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship Laboratory

National Louis University’s online MBA in Entrepreneurship is International Accreditation Council for Business Education-approved. It provides students with instructors with years of practical experience in running, managing, and expanding small businesses. Through the school’s devoted instructors and rigorous MBA curriculum, students can develop unique leadership philosophies that will significantly contribute to building relationships with people who play a significant role in running business ventures, including shareholders and clients. Additionally, this degree uses experiential learning and hands-on projects to solve real-world challenges.

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Technical University offers a graduate-level online business degree designed for students looking forward to obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills to start or join in the competitive and lucrative expanding business field at a low cost. The online MBA in Entrepreneurship at CTU equips students with the knowledge, abilities, views, and experiences necessary to pursue careers as family-business owners or independent and corporate entrepreneurs. The school’s MBA program seeks to offer training for exciting alternatives, whether a student wishes to establish a business while in school, join an emerging industry, or lay the basis to begin a new firm later in their careers.

Because the MBA in entrepreneurship program was designed to focus on case studies and business plans for new start-up initiatives and difficulties facing today’s businesses, students will complete four concentration courses:

  • Integrated Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy, Planning & Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship: Skills for Success
  • Entrepreneurial Business Planning Capstone

CTU’s online MBA in entrepreneurship, accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, provides a unique feature in that it offers an in-house learning tool, intellipath®, which students can use to tailor their coursework based on their educational level. This will allow students to develop unique strengths in integrating theory and practice, allowing them to place the theories, models, and strategies they’ve learned in class to the test.

Regent University

Regent University

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Regent University offers an affordable online MBA in Entrepreneurship designed to help students know everything about running and expanding a business venture, from drafting a business plan to managing business processes. Students in this online MBA in entrepreneurship will learn about screening, validating, and developing new concepts and gain knowledge about making presentations, market research, and resource management (bootstrapping). Whether you’re planning a start-up business or expansion, this online MBA degree will equip you with entrepreneurial leadership skills to boost sales and productivity in your business. 

To help students develop better proficiency in one of the most competitive and lucrative fields, Regent’s online MBA in entrepreneurship will require students to complete the following concentration courses with high grades:

  • Quality Management
  • Entrepreneurial Government Contracting Strategies
  • Investment, Financing, & Funding Relationships
  • Strategic Management

Regent University’s online MBA in entrepreneurship, with approval from the ACBSP – Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, takes pride in the same distinguished on-campus faculty that prepares graduate students for the real business world. In addition to the school’s faculty, students will hear from seasoned business experts who can also serve as their personal mentors and advisors in developing their business plans. 

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hampshire University

Manchester, New Hampshire

  • Average Cost: $9,405  
  • Tuition per credit for online MBA program: $627
  • Units Required: 30
  • Program Length: 1 year
  • Financial Assistance Options:

Southern New Hampshire University offers an affordable online MBA in Entrepreneurship to help aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate executives examine and evaluate the viability of new ventures and franchises.

Students will have a more international approach toward creating new business ventures, giving them broader knowledge about various cultures and businesses that will significantly impact their interpersonal and negotiation skills. Students will discover the nuts and bolts of starting or running a business from scratch while studying small business management. 

To help students learn the ins and outs of building a business, the MBA program at SNHU gives students a chance to learn about employment law and how to gauge the performance of your business, as well as how to fund your firm and locate investors through core courses and the additional concentration courses:

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Consulting
  • Franchising

Southern New Hampshire University’s online MBA in entrepreneurship, approved by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, serves as one of the best training grounds to become business ready and compete in the market. With the help of experienced faculty and seasoned business experts, entrepreneurial students will gain hands-on learning experience and learn how to handle the ups and downs of their new job path and the difficulties they can encounter in the real world as entrepreneurs.

Louisiana State University Shreveport

Louisiana State University - Shreveport

Shreveport, Louisiana

Louisiana State University offers an affordable online MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise that equips online MBA students with the necessary capabilities to successfully launch a new business venture or expand an existing one, including identifying and shaping market opportunities, gathering and pooling necessary resources, gauging financial viability, and creating viable business models. Additionally, students will be able to learn how to manage business growth and effectively create and nurture long customer connections and examine the principles and effects of current employment legislation.

Students are required to take the Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, and Small Business and Family Enterprise concentration courses. And to help students obtain broader knowledge for their future careers or businesses, they can choose one of two electives:

  • Labor and Employment Law
  • International Experience

LSU’s online MBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, which the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business approves, offers students an optional two-week study abroad experience.

Those who choose to take advantage of the study abroad experience will gain a deeper understanding of how international businesses work, including the management and leadership philosophies of different countries and the other standards, norms, and regulations. The study abroad experience will better prepare them for future collaborations and strengthen their international professional network.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Lafayette, Louisiana

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s affordable online MBA in Entrepreneurship  helps students study and analyze the different practices used by small and large-scale businesses. It focuses on using entrepreneurial methods in planning, leading, organizing, and controlling.

The online MBA degree will not only teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to start a business but also skills that will help them locate and maintain relationships with influential people, such as suppliers, customers, and investors. Students will also gain a complete understanding of the legal facets of building a business, giving them knowledge on choosing the perfect business entity, maintaining accounts, and paying taxes.

ULF’s online MBA in entrepreneurship aims to give students all the necessary knowledge and skills to create or expand their business ventures. As a result, students are required to complete the following concentration courses:

  • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Law for Entrepreneurs

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s online MBA, being Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-approved, provides online students with various online resources they can use throughout their MBA journey at the graduate school.

For instance, students having trouble with a particular course can avail of the free online tutoring of UFL and have access to online library services. Aside from student resources, they will be provided with a faculty with years of experience in the business industry, some of whom can become their advisors and mentors in building their own businesses. 

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University

Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Central Michigan University offers an affordable online MBA in Entrepreneurship that helps students understand how technology, the current market, and economic trends influence today’s businesses. Students enrolled in this online MBA will learn more than simply problem-solving techniques. Students will gain knowledge of how to spot and seize business opportunities, putting them in a position to create their own firms, assist established businesses in entering new markets, manage small and family-run organizations, oversee social enterprises, or apply innovative perspectives to complex problems. 

Aside from concentration courses that focus on handling business finances and managing the legal facets necessary to start a new business venture, students will also explore core courses that directly affect a business, including:

  • Managing Information Systems in a Global Economy
  • Managing and Leading Individuals and Groups in Organizations
  • Marketing-Based Management
  • Global Business and Sustainability
  • Global Economic Environment
  • Strategic Management: Integrative Experience and Strategy Simulation

Central Michigan University’s online MBA in entrepreneurship, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-accredited grad program, provides students with a faculty with years of experience in the business industry. Instructors of the MBA program will discuss their endeavors during their careers to give students an idea of how to manage or deal with real-world problems, including the recent or current pulse of the business industry.

Utica University

Utica University

Utica, New York

Utica University offers an affordable online MBA in Entrepreneurship dedicated to equipping aspiring entrepreneurial students with practical and transferable skills that will enable them to land highly qualified jobs or create their own business ventures in media, information, or communication. This online MBA in entrepreneurship degree will help students understand the methods required to start a media product or organization and the essential ideas underpinning modern media business models. 

Students are required to complete four concentration courses that cover ideas like user engagement and experience, market and audience analysis, the value of various revenue streams, and prototype development: 

  • Small Business Innovation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Small Business Funding
  • Venture Implementation

Utica University’s online MBA in entrepreneurship is Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs-approved. This graduate program provides students with an experienced faculty that will guide them throughout their studies in understanding how businesses have evolved and how to deal with current and upcoming changes by teaching them basic business analytics skills. This MBA program is the perfect fit for early- to mid-career professionals motivated to bring a business idea into reality.

University of North Carolina

University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Wilmington, North Carolina

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s online MBA in Entrepreneurship and Business Development helps students make their business ideas and visions come to life by equipping them with enthusiasm for innovation and a solid understanding of the commercial world.

UNCW’s online MBA focuses on entrepreneurship and business development in developing students’ theoretical concepts into operational businesses. The program will help students concentrate on advanced subjects, including business planning, valuation, venture financing, scalability, franchising, and licensing. 

To make sure that students are well-equipped for the business world, UNCW’s online MBA requires students to complete MBA core courses and the following concentration courses:

  • Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Commercialization and Venture Management

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s online MBA in Entrepreneurship, an Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business-approved MBA program, has a devoted faculty that will help students understand all essential company operations, from marketing and logistics to accounting and finance, to achieve their goals.

Thanks to the experienced faculty, students get a glimpse of the latest in the business industry. Through this Entrepreneurship graduate degree, students will realize their full potential as business leaders and be ready to start making their own names in the industry as soon as they graduate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between an MBA in Entrepreneurship VS a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship? 

A Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship is often confused with a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship. While both degrees overlap on some things, such as their course of topics, they have significant differences. 

As the name suggests, a master of science in entrepreneurship is a scientific degree. An MSc in entrepreneurship teaches students the complexities of applying scientific methods to starting and running a business.

On the other hand, a master of business administration in entrepreneurship programs is a well-rounded degree focused on leadership, data analytics, finance, and accounting. It strikes a balance between a creative company strategy that emphasizes innovation and resourcefulness. MBA programs in entrepreneurship cover business ethics and social responsibility, along with a strong dose of the quantitative abilities required to manage a successful business.

Which is the best? There’s no correct answer to this. Your professional trajectory will determine which degree is most appropriate for you. The primary goal of both degrees is to offer ambitious and motivated business leaders increased learning opportunities.

What can I do with an MBA in Entrepreneurship?

People who obtain an MBA in Entrepreneurship inevitably desire to launch their own companies. However, there are various ways in which they can go about doing this.

Some people have an innate sense of entrepreneurship. Naturally-born entrepreneurs know they want to launch their own company immediately and frequently transfer directly from their bachelor’s degrees into an MBA program in entrepreneurship or finish a five-year BA-to-MBA program.

Many other businesspeople first work in an industry in a role like management, engineering, or product development before discovering an opportunity. They want to convert their idea into a viable business endeavor because they believe that a service or product, based on their specialized understanding of the market, will meet a need or solve a problem. Others run a side business that develops over time and has the potential to become a sizable company.

But only some people want or are destined to become entrepreneurs. If you aren’t certain if entrepreneurship is for you, here are some jobs you can obtain with an MBA in entrepreneurship:

  • Administrative Services Manager
  • Business Consultant
  • Business Operations Management
  • Community Engagement Director
  • Computer Systems Manager
  • Contractor
  • Corporate Manager
  • Financial Management
  • General Manager
  • Human Resources Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Management Analyst
  • Marketing Director
  • Mid-level Manager
  • Nonprofit Manager
  • Public Relations Director
  • Sales Director

Does an MBA in Entrepreneurship help develop business acumen?

Because the business industry is rapidly evolving, from paying newspaper companies for advertisements to free social media exposure, many people are opting to attend graduate school to obtain the necessary abilities to keep up with the industry. MBA degrees are becoming increasingly famous today, especially those with entrepreneurship concentrations.

The MBA in entrepreneurship’s appeal is because its skill-based curriculum places a strong emphasis on developing business and management aptitude. The graduates are equipped to work as professionals who can build or advance their own companies and the industries in which they are employed.

An MBA in entrepreneurship emphasizes the practical applications of the disciplines rather than just theory, concepts, and basics. Employers in the public and private sectors prefer to hire MBA graduates to work in their organizations, regardless of whether they work in a professional setting. This is due to the program’s ability to successfully develop their professional skills, expose them to real-world situations and the industry, give them insider information about the industry, and create networking possibilities through promoting interactions with business professionals and economists.

What’s a good timeline for applying to an Entrepreneurship Online MBA Program?

One Year Out

With thousands of higher education institutions, from national universities to small liberal arts colleges, students must pin down at least 10 of their preferred schools and narrow down the best business schools for them. 

Six Months Out

Students should sign up for all additional and required courses six months before the application deadline. To keep up in academics, students should be quick about starting the application process immediately.

Six Weeks Out

It’s time to select the top schools from the extensive list of potential institutions. Researchers should make a definitive list that considers their skills, interests, and objectives to judge each program’s qualities in the best possible way. Students must look for courses that provide fantastic networking chances.

One Month Out

All MBA programs in the United States demand multiple recommendation letters from a student’s previous instructors, work supervisors, and other relevant professionals capable of speaking to the school about the student’s potential in graduate school. For the recommenders to provide well-reasoned material, applicants should give them at least two weeks to draft these letters.

Applicants should also review their résumés and personal statements and edit for errors within this timeline. 

Numerous colleges promote and uphold rigorous application deadlines. Others, however, have rolling deadlines for admissions or other procedures that enable applicants to submit their papers early and obtain a quicker response.

Are there any professional organizations for Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs can join various professional organizations that unite entrepreneurs with similar business innovations. A few of the most popular entrepreneurship organizations include:

Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Through chances for mentorship, education, and events, EO brings together 14,000 entrepreneurs worldwide. Members can access EO chapter activities, leadership development programs, and tools for career acceleration. The organization also provides a global student award program for potential business owners.

National Association for the Self Employed

Small business owners and self-employed people can join NASE and avail several resources, including a small business locator, magazine and newsletter subscriptions, and access to professional guidance. The NASE also houses several online business learning and resource centers.

Social Enterprise Alliance

Through mentoring and training programs, a knowledge center, and discount schemes, the SEA supports the American social entrepreneurship movement. Members can access resources to advance and promote social entrepreneurship nationally and the SEA’s member directory.


With specially designed programs and a sizable research center, Vistage, a coaching organization for small and mid-sized firms, serves more than 23,000 CEOs, business owners, and senior executives. Members develop their leadership skills through Vistage’s peer group and professional guidance-based approach.

Young Entrepreneur Council

YEC is a fee-based, invitation-only organization that supports young business owners. This professional organization enhances entrepreneurship-related policies, fosters mentorship ties, and advances free enterprise by bringing together entrepreneurs from various economic sectors.

Who benefits the most from an MBA in Entrepreneurship degree?

An MBA in Entrepreneurship degree can benefit anyone looking to better understand the business world, build their professional network, and develop the skills necessary to start and manage a business. This degree can provide students with the tools they need to start their own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs. It can also be beneficial to those who already own or manage a business, as the degree can provide them with the knowledge and resources needed to take their business to the next level.